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Scentsy Wick Free Scented Candles, Diffusers & Scented Gifts.

Scentsy Wick free Scented Candles we offer the full range of Scentsy Candle Warmers, Diffusers & Scented Gifts.

You can explore all Scentsy Candles, Diffusers & scented gifts and Shop the full range products all in one place. Scentsy offer more than just Warmers & Wax, we offer a huge range of scent solutions for home or on the go. Experience the full range of scented products in one place. 

Scentsy offer a safe alternative to traditional scented candles with electric candle warmers designed to warm scented wax without a wick or flame. In addition to our safe Scentsy candle warmers, the Scentsy diffuser provides a safe way to diffuse scented oils without the need of a flame making our products a much safer alternative to candles and oil burners.

All products are designed to safely scent your space. Be inspired by our huge range of wick free scented candle wax bars & scented oils to pair with our scent systems.

Handcrafted by artisans around the world, Scentsy Warmers are a beautiful and safe way to enjoy amazing fragrance — without any flame, soot or smoke. And with so many options to choose from, there’s something to suit every style and décor. Our Scentsy candle warmers & diffusers come in a variety of designs & sizes, these decorative ornaments are designed to use no wick or flame. In addition, Scentsy now offer a range of other scent systems as well as scented gifts, home products, body products & our new scented pet line. Choose from a great range of Scentsy gifts for the whole family.

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You can shop our authentic Scentsy home fragrance and candle range in both traditional and seasonal fragrances. Explore our top rated Scentsy fragrances and gifts created to inspire your senses. Choose from a huge selection of safe Scentsy candle products, Scentsy diffuser products as well as a great range of other Scentsy fragrance products designed for home or on the go. 

Our safe scented Scentsy range include: Scentsy candle Warmers - Ceramic and glass candle warmers in a huge range of styles. Top of the range Scentsy Oil Diffusers, These are world class home fragrance vessels with 16 LED lighting settings. Our Scentsy Diffusers have an amazing colour change while safely scenting your home with a light mist from water and oil inside of the diffuser. These Scentsy Diffusers can give the 'wow' factor to any home.

In addition to Scented candle wax warmers and diffusers Scentsy also offer Scentsy Buddies. Our Scentsy buddies are Limited edition Scented teddies brought to life with a scent pak. One of our top selling products are our Scentsy Bars  (Wick Free Scented Candle Wax Bars) followed by our Scentsy Natural and Essential oils. These oils are designed from the world's most natural ingredients. We offer a range of Children's Wick Free Scented Candle products & Scentsy scented products, Men's Scentsy products in specifically designed mens fragrances. We offer Scented Scentsy products to porvide you with decor for the home or office, plus scented products for on the go or travelling. Our Scentsy car bars and scent circles have been a huge hit with customers around the world.  New to our fragrance range we have gorgeous scented laundry products, body care and bath products to help you relax and unwind in complete luxury. When choosing Scentsy gifts don't just think of yourself, those furry friends also need luxury and fragrance in their life too! This is why Scentsy have now designed unique gentle Scentsy pet products in a great range of scents your furry friend will love. Scentsy don't just provide us with amazing products, they also offer amazing seasonal products and specials throughout the year with limited time offers on a range of fragrance products. Keep and eye out for all of our new release products as these do tend to sell out fast! Whether you want themed Scentsy products at different times of the year including Christmas, Mothers day and Halloween, or licensed products from our partner companies including Disney or Lucas film you are guaranteed to love all of our new release gifts and scented products for both you and your home. Scentsy offer great products for everyone. Our amazing Scentsy Charity cause products are a must have item each season to help raise valuable funds for worthy causes. To find out what this seasons great cause is visit my Scentsy shop and look for charity to see who we are currently supporting.  

We have an amazing range of Scentsy products to suit just about anyone and Scentsy make great gifts.  All Scentsy candle bars and fragrances are designed to uniquely to create moods and memories. Our fragrances are created to warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul. We are obsessed with fragrance and how it makes life better. We share the Scentsy love with inspiring fragrances and scents for your family, your home and your life. Use Scentsy as your number one fragrance provider, Go wick free and quit the wick with our amazing wick free scented candles, Scentsy Diffusers and scented products.  Our Scentsy products are safe and designed to last.

Scentsy Electric Candle Warmers

Our most popular product are our Scentsy candle warmers. Our warmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes & colours. These decorative ornaments are wick free and safe, each designed to safely scent your space with amazing fragrances. Make your home unique with your perfect Scentsy candle Warmer. What ever your style, modern, classic, rustic or vintage you are sure to find a Scentsy warmer you will love. Our stunning candle warmer designs will help you express your style and fill your space with lasting fragrance. We offer an amazing range of Scentsy candle warmers in a range of styles. With over 80 scented candle wax bars to choose from you are sure to find a huge range fragrances you will love to suit your mood. 

Our Scentsy Candle Wax Bars, also known as Scentsy bars are specifically designed to be warmed in our Scentsy Warmers to safely scent your space. All of our candle warmers are created to gently warm our candle bars rather than burn the wax to give off a great fragrance. By creating safe candle warming systems to pair wth our Scentsy wax bars this allows us to offer a more highly fragranced wax bar which provides a top quality scent throw. Our Scentsy candle bars hold more fragrance oil than any other traditional scented candle, candle jar or any other candle bar. We offer safe industry leading high quality products. 

As Scentsy expand their product range, they create more luxury scent systems offering the same great quality. In addition to our usual Scentsy candle warmers, seasonal candle warmers, childrens candle warmers and themed candle warmers Scentsy launched the new plug in Mini Scentsy candle warmer to plug directly into a plug in the wall. Our mini Scentsy warmers give a great lighting effect and are perfect from smaller spaces. The Scentsy mini candle warmer creates warmth, light & fragrance for smaller spaces. Mini warmers are small and compact, but offer the same great fragrance experience as our larger candle warmers. These have become really popular due to being in a low price bracket. If you need a mini candle warmer for a small space, but prefer not to have to plug the candle warmer directly into the socket in the wall we also offer the mini warmer with a table top base. Table top base mini warmers are perfect if you only have a small space but have a socket behind a cabinet. These are perfect for offices too. Pick your style of mini warmer to suit where you would like it to be placed. 

Our mini candles warmers allow you to bring Scentsy into any part of your home, designed for those small spaces or higher up plugs in your kitchen. These are also great for your bedside table creating a fantastic light and mood affect on an evening as the light glows. Let your imagination take over in every room with these small budget friendly mini warmers.

Wick Free Scented Candle Wax Bars

Our scented wax Candle Bars, also known as Scentsy Bars are a safe way to fill your home, office or space with your favourite fragrances. A Scentsy bar is a scented candle wax bar created to hold more fragrance oil than any other traditional scented candle and has no wick. Scentsy bars are a great wick free alternative to a traditional flamed candle and are designed to be gently warmed in our Scentsy candle warmers. Each Scentsy bar offers 8 cubes of amazing fragrance per bar, no wick or flame is needed when paired with our safe Scentsy warmers providing you with a safer scent experience without the use of a wick or flame. 

We have a great range of wick free and wonderful scented candle bars to choose from including corner café fragrances, romantic fragrances, floral fragrances, clean fragrances, men's fragrances, children's fragrances, classic fragrances, holiday fragrances & summer fragrances. Whatever scent you love there is something to suit everyone. We have so many Scentsy candle bar fragrances to choose from the hard part is the choice.

Our wick free Scentsy candle bars come in one bar of 8 cubes allowing you to use one or 2 cubes of wick free Scentsy fragrance at a time to scent your space with stunning aromas. Simply snap off the chosen amount of cubes & place them into the top dish of your Scentsy warmer to give off a great fragrance.  Choose from over 80 amazing wick free scented candle fragrances. Scentsy Candle bars can be purchased in single bars or can be purchased using our 3 pack multi pack or our 6 pack multipack option to offer you great savings on single bars prices. You can mix and match scents and fragrances as you desire with our 3 and 6 pack options.

Scentsy bars are wick free and wonderful scented wax creations brought to you by Scentsy a brand you can trust! 

Quit the wick, change from traditional wicked candles to Scentsy wick free candles bars & candle warmers! Go wick free with our scented candles bars and luxury warmers. You will be glad you did! 

If you are looking for complete luxury then look no further! Our Scentsy diffusers offer instant fragrance, light and mist combining amazing never seen before technology! Maybe you are a one for more natural or essentials oils rather than scented waxes? If you love Scented oils and natural and essential oils one of our amazing world class ultrasonic cold mist technology oil diffusers are definately for you! Scentsy have introduced our world class oil diffusing vessel created to the highest standard.

Scentsy Oil Diffusers offer the most personal fragrance experience yet, add water and your favourite Fragrance Oil to the reservoir, choose your light and mist settings and enjoy. If you love glitz, glamour, light and scent these are the diffusers for you! These amazing products allow you to dispense natural and essential oils throughout your home while you control the scent throw by adding more or less oil to the water reservoir as desired. As always Scentsy create safe products, these stunning Scentsy Diffusers are wick free too, no flames are used allowing you to safely diffuse your favourite Scentsy oil fragrance or any other scented oil fragrance you desire. There is no need to stick to Scentsy oil in your Scentsy diffuser, if you already have a favourite scented oil, you can use any scented oil in your Diffuser.  

Gain great savings by using our combine and save packages before adding your products to your basket in my Scentsy shop 

Scentsy Gifts

Give a gift of Scentsy and make someones day. Pair one of our candle warmers, diffusers & fragrances with a gorgeous cuddly plush buddy brought to life with a scent pak to create your very own personalised fragrance gift. Mix and match products, fragrances and scents to give a fab sensory experience.  Whether you are looking for something vintage or something modern you are sure to find the perfect gift here at Wick Free Scented Candles.

Inspire your home with Scentsy. Scent your space safely. Shop Scentsy products at Wick Free Scented Candles. Explore the amazing range of scent systems and Scentsy gifts. Scentsy®