Get Paid To Place Your Own Scentsy Orders!

Did you know you can earn a regular monthly income by simply placing your own Scentsy orders and friends & family Scentsy orders! 

Placing your own friends & family orders is simple and easy to do... 

In addition to getting paid, each qualifying order you place you also earn free and half priced items for yourself! You will never have to pay full price for your own Scentsy products again!

This is you chance to get started if you would like to get paid to place your own orders or even work part time or full time offering Scentsy Products. 

We have our usual starter kit for £85 which is packed full of great business tools and demo products.

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This is a prefect opportunity for anyone who knows and loves Scentsy and places regular orders. Why offer someone else the pay when you can get paid yourself to purchase you own Scentsy products and friends and family products. 

The great thing about the opportunity to join to place your own orders is... you are not tied in! If you decide you wish to stop placing your own orders, simply don't place any orders at all within 3 months and your account can be terminated. 

You have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. You end up with an amazing fantastic value it to keep for yourself. 

You deserve to be paid if you regularly buy scentsy. Whats even better, each time you place a qualifying order of over £245 or more you earn yourself free and half priced credit to spend in the brochure! If you are a Scentsy lover you never have to pay full price for your own Scentsy products again! 

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If you would like to discuss any aspect of joining this month feel free to get in touch. Text 07943730454 or Email me here. I will contact you as soon as I become available. 

If you know you are ready to get started, Don't delay, get started right away. 

*When you finish your enrolment form, i get a notification to advise me you have joined. I will then contact you to offer help and support. No need to place your 1st order yourself, help is on hand.