Scentsy Whiff Box. A simple way to explore new scents and surprises. Want a fresh assortment of products to explore regularly? We make it easy! Each month, we put together a Whiff Box filled with new, trending and seasonal products for you to discover. And what’s inside is always a surprise!

Our Scentsy Whif Box Includes a variety of samples and full-sized items, like Body, Clean and Laundry products, Scentsy Bars and more! All for less money than purchasing the products individually. Items will vary from month to month with different surpises each month you will love.

Choose to purchase once as a one off, whenever you desire or to make life easy and hassle free for you, you can set up a monthly subscription to get surpises once a month with a new whiff box monthly, once every 2 months or once every 3 months. The choice is yours!

*Exact items will vary; illustration for representation only.

scentsy whiff box

Shop your Scentsy whiff box from my Scentsy store online or find out more about setting up a monthly Scentsy Club subcription here