Scentsy Mini Warmers

Scentsy mini warmers

Scentsy mini warmers are affordable and perfect to warm your favourite wax.  Shop our collection of mini sized flameless electric wax warmers.

These cute and stylish Scentsy mini warmers plug directly into your wall or on a table to base enabling you to warm your favourite Scentsy bar while giving your home and uplifting glow.

Our Scentsy mini warmers are the most wanted and requested product. I've lost count of how many people have saw these style warmers from the US and asked me if i can get them, at the time we  couldn't,  but now I can!  

Scentsy mini warmers have been really popular Scentsy products since they were released in the UK from Sept 2017.

Explore our great range of Scentsy mini warmers in a range of designs and really affordable  starting at only £24, these stunning Scentsy mini warmers are lit with a 15w lightbulb, because these light up they are perfect to use as a bedside lamp with a simple on/off switch at the front.

All of our  Scentsy mini warmers look great in offices, small spaces, porches, kitchens or anywhere you need a touch of Scentsy fragrance at an affordable price. 

There are so many designs to choose from in our  Scentsy mini warmer range, you are sure to find more than one  Scentsy mini warmer you fall in love with, choose from glass or ceramic  Scentsy mini warmers to suit your style or decor while enjoying a simply light and fragrance system in one compact mini design.

Scentsy mini warmers light up your space while enlivening your world with amazing fragrance. Warm one cube of your favourite Scentsy bar, switch on and enjoy!

All of our mini Scentsy warmers are available to buy. Choose your favourite mini warmer and order yours today to be sent direct to your home. 

Choose from a great range of warmers, Scentsy mini warmers, themed warmers along with amazing Scentsy bar scents and stunning fragrances. Take advantage of our bundle and save offers under the specials tab of my Scentsy shop to get your Scentsy wax bars cheaper than full price. Buy Scentsy warmers, Scentsy mini warmers, wax bars and other Scentsy products in bundles to save on full price.