How do I join to start selling Scentsy?

How do I join to start selling Scentsy? To join to Start Selling Scentsy, Click Join Button to start earning with Scentsy, select your Starter Kit and follow the steps to join to enable you to start selling Scentsy. 

You will need a debit card, credit card or one of our accepted digital payment methods to pay for your Starter Kit.

We now offer PayPal payment as well as debit or credit card payments if you wish to join and start selling Scentsy

Once you join Scentsy using my website I will be notified and will be in touch to help and support you to get you started. There is no need to wait for your starter kit to arrive, with help and support you can get start selling Scentsy straight away as soon as you have your consultant ID. Once you join and gain your consultant ID you can start selling before your kit arrives, simply share Scentsy products and information from your website or direct people to your website to view Scentsy products, this will give you a huge advantage to earn the shooting star award, all Scentsy awards are optional and are outlined in your consultant guide once you join.

If you have any further questions or need help to start as a new consultant please get in touch by email or using the live chat funcation available. 

Another option to join us and get started would be to host a Scentsy party and earn Host Rewards, host reward offer free and half priced items you can offset towards the cost of the starter kit, the rewards can be used toward the purchase of a Host-Exclusive Starter Kit with our Earn a Kit option. If you wish to use the host a kit option to join us and get started you can contact me.

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