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If you love Scentsy products Join us to reward yourself when you purchase your own Scentsy items!

As a Consultant you can get paid to place your own Scentsy orders, plus, you can gain free and half price rewards when you place qualifying Scentsy orders! 

All orders placed over £245 you can earn rewards in free and half priced items.

Plus, you can offer products to friends & family to increase your pay! 

The more orders you place, the greater the rewards and commission you earn. 

To join Scentsy as a new Consultant you need to sign up & purchase the Scentsy Starter kit. Here is the example contents of the current Scentsy Starter kit for only £85 plus £6 shipping!

 Scentsy starter kit 2023 wick free scented candles

Etched Core Warmer
Sea Salt & Avocado Scentsy Bar
Marble White Mini Fan Diffuser
Amazon Rain Scentsy Pod Twinpack
Vanillamint Dreams Counter Clean
Make a Splash Hand Cream
Make a Splash Hand Soap
Amazon Rain Car Bar
Coconut Lemongrass Scented Stickers  (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Luna Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Eucalyptus Lavender Mint Oil Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Jasmine White Tea Oil Scented Stickers (1 pack of 72 stickers)
Sample Packette Bundle (Laundry, Body, Clean and Pets)
Classic Curve Felt Samples
Spring/Summer 2023 Fragrance Tester Set
Quick Start Guide
Consultant Guide
Product Training Guide
Spring/Summer 2023 Catalogues (1 pack of 20)
Spring/Summer 2023  Product Lists (1 pad of 50 sheets)
Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
Order Forms (1 pack of 50)
Invitation Postcards (1 pack of 100)
Thank You Postcards (1 pack of 100)
Merchandise Sacks
Mini Zip Sacks
Starter Kit Exclusive Insulated Tote

If you already purchase Scentsy you will know our Scentsy starter kits are great value! 

join here to start earning with scentsy - wick free scented candles

To Join Scentsy with our amazing Scentsy starter kit, simply Sign up & purchase your starter kit to receive your consultant ID by email.

It's as easy as that to get started with Scentsy! 

For only £85/€99 plus shipping our highly discounted starter kits have everything in them for you to successfully start your business.

The Scentsy business opportunity offers you the chance to earn an extra income, plus the freedom to work around your current lifestyle, you pick to work when you want.  

Our Scentsy starter kits are designed with you in mind to provide you with everything you need to help you start your business.

When you sign up, purchase your kit and get started you have the opportunity to earn a monthly income, earn rewards, plus bonuses!

Create life long friendships as and the chance to travel with all expenses paid trips to popular destinations with outstanding Scentsy incentives!  

Our starter kits are amazing value and perfect to invest in yourself to allow you to earn with Scentsy.



What can you do with your Scentsy starter kit? 

What you do with your Scentsy starter kit once you have purchased it is your choice. You can use the products for yourself to save on retail price, start a hobby as a consultant to earn extra money to use up some free time or make some extra cash for the savings you deserve to have extra disposable income. 

If you already know and love Scentsy you never have to pay full price for your own Scentsy products again, you can take advantage of the perks of being a Scentsy Consultant! As a new Scentsy consultant you can make a start on a healthy long term regular income by working part-time or full time hours, you choose when and how often you would like to work and what effort you would like to put into your business depending on your desired results and income.

You can start Scentsy simply to place friends and family orders or to plan to work it part time. You could even award friends and family with free and half price discounts on Scentsy products if they wish to collect orders for you by sharing Scentsy products for you. 

Many consultants join to place orders for family & work colleagues just to earn a little extra income and reap the rewards, others plan to earn a greater income. There is so much potential in our Scentsy starter kits, the choice is yours how you would like to use you starter kit to your advantage. This one unique Starter kit offers so much opportunity and has the potential to change your life, if you choose to really put the time and effort in.

Scentsy Pay.

Scentsy Commission & bonus earnings are paid once monthly. Where else could you start a successful earning opportunity for such a low cost? The beauty of the Scentsy opportunity is that you are not tied in, if you decide the opportunity is not right for you, you can simply leave your account to go inactive and you will terminate after 4 months of inactivity.

More Consultant Perks. 

Another great perk to joining Scentsy in addition to monthly earnings, free & half priced items and great bonuses, you also have the opportunity to earn all expenses paid trips to popular holiday destinations! Scentsy set some fantastic incentives for all consultants to achieve. It's your choice if you wish to aim for Scentsy set incentives.

When you purchase our Scentsy starter kit you have nothing to loose, but a lot to gain!  Our Scentsy products have become so popular with so many scented products we find it hard to keep up with demand, with some new release products selling out within days or even hours! You can be a part of this amazing company too.


Sign up & order you Scentsy Starter kit to get started today! 

join scentsy here wick free scented candles

 The Scentsy Compensation Plan. Our Example Scentsy Pay Table


Scentsy Family Compensation Plan

 *Personal Retail volume must be attained before rank advancement.

Above is an example of the pay structure Scentsy has to offer. Scentsy offer a great compensation plan and our pay is commission based paid on a monthly basis.

You can earn between 20% to 25% commission on your sales and up to 9% bonus from your down line.

There is no pressure to recruit and sponsor new consultants, if you choose to sell and decide selling is for you without recruiting or sponsoring that is fine.

If you join my Scentsy team, I'm happy to help and support you throughout your Scentsy journey, offering both support to you and suggestions to help within your Scentsy business.

Every new consultant that joins Scentsy has a different reason for wanting to join, I'm happy to work with you to find out your 'why' (your reason for joining) and help you achieve whatever it is you want from your Scentsy business.

Scentsy have many incentives set to you right from the day you join, however it is totally optional whether you wish to aim for any incentives set. 

As a consultant you can sell Scentsy in many ways, the choice is yours, locally, to friends, family & people you come into contact with, through parties, on social media, online, through events, the choice is yours.


Are you one of those people that want to join, but you are unsure that joining Scentsy is right for you?

I always recommend taking the leap and joining. The starter kit is such great value, once you give the opportunity a go, if you feel the opportunity isn't right for you you can terminate your Scentsy account at any time. All Scentsy ask of a consultant is if you wish to stay active as a consultant, that you place one minimum order of 200 PRV (Personal retail volume - Which is the point system Scentsy use) this is approx £245 within a 3-month period. You are not tied in or contracted you can leave at any time. If you decide the Scentsy business isnt for you, you still get to keep all the fantastic products your received in your Scentsy Starter kit.

A lot of new consultants feel it is a great value kit compared to buying all the products individually. You simply can't lose out. As well as receiving the fantastic starter kit from Scentsy, You are also provided with your very own Scentsy website. All new consultants who join are provided with a 3-month FREE subscription, which offers you plenty of time to decide if the Scentsy business is right for you. At the end of the three months it is only £15 a month to continue your subscription. You are not tied into your Scentsy website you can choose to subscribe or turn off your subscription at any time.


The Scentsy website.

The Scentsy website provided to you enables you to work your Scentsy business in many different ways, without you having to be technical yourself! Its completely designed and set up for you. All you need to do is pick your website name when you join. Customers can place orders online and Scentsy deal with all requests and dispatch products directly to the customer for you. You can provide customers with your website address, if they decide to purchase direct and you get paid from every order through your website.

Other website functions.

If Parties are your thing, you can Open a party online...

You are able to open a party online to allow anyone not living local to you who may wish to buy through you to still join the party by going through your website to place an order and have products sent to their home. Opening a party online allows the person who is hosting the party to still earn the rewards from the sale when someone is not present at the party.

Sponsoring and building a team.

If you wish to sponsor, mentor and build a team it would be advisable to keep your subscription for new consultants to join your team through your website. The on off function allows you to turn on/off your subscription at any time, so if you are unsure if you wish to build a team you could turn on your subscription at any time, if you decide the time is right for you, then you can simply turn it back on to allow people to join with you. If you are simply joining as a consultant to just sell Scentsy alone without sponsoring you may decide you do not wish to keep your website for out of area orders, but again the choice is yours.   


How I Started Scentsy.

When you join and become a consultant, you choose how to sell and what effort you want to put in. To get started I launched my Scentsy business by showing the products to friends and family, and then friends of friends. I provided a demonstration basket full of products and samples to allow people to view and exeperience the products for themselves.

I offered local parties, attended some local events and charity nights etc. I handed out brochures and information to local businesses and offered to leave a basket of demonstration products for them to share with friends and customers. (You can build a demonstration basket by using everything provided to you in your Scentsy starter kit). I made my Scentsy Starter kit work to my advantage.

By sharing products locally and through events I have established some loyal customers and gained great friendships. Everyone has a different circle of friends and family, so be sure to share Scentsy products, the party opportunity, and the opportunity to become a consultant with anyone you know, this allows you to gain a wider customer base. 

If the party or event option is not for you, or if you find yourself short of time you can still earn with Scentsy by offering a basket of demonstration products, we call this a basket party! With a Scentsy basket party customers get to try Scentsy for themself, share products with friends and family to collect orders for their chance to earn free and half priced Scentsy by sharing products for you. We call these people our host. The basket party option is a great option for new consultants who may not find the time to do home parties, or for those who just want to show products to offer rewards to people for doing so.

There is no need to do door to door sales, as Scentsy tends to sell once demonstrated, of course if you wish to leaflet drop, thats a personal choice, how you chose to run your business is up to you.

There are no minimum party requirements, you can place individual orders as well as bulk party orders, you do not need to host parties if you don't feel comfortable with this, sharing products with friends and family can be enough to earn a little extra money you may need. 


Sell Scentsy Anywhere.

With Scentsy there are no target areas or territory, you will not be told to stick to a certain area, every consultant has the same opportunity to sell as a consultant, you can sell locally or online to whoever you like.


Team support and training.

Once you join my team and become a Scentsy Consultant, you will receive full support from me and other consultants within our wick free divas Scentsy team. 

We have a fantastic support network, we get together on Facebook to help and support each other by using team groups, you will never feel alone when you join Scentsy as a consultant. There is always someone happy to help and support you! In addition to team training Scentsy also offer weekly training. (you can join the trainings by logging in with details provided to your by email if you would like to take part, but again this is optional).

Telephone Support.

In addition to our team support we also have amazing support from our telephone support team. Our Scentsy Support team are provided to us from Scentsy to help and support us with whatever we may need. An added bonus is that our telephone support is a FREE support number! Whether you have a query about an order, or something you are unsure about, all consultants have telephone access and email access to our Scentsy support team.

Your Scentsy Consultant Workstation.

As soon as you have joined our team, you are provided with a Scentsy workstation to place orders, keep you up to date with everything new & to provide you with great selling tools for marketing. There are consultant trainings available on your Scentsy consultant workstation to help point you in the right direction and give you help, hints & tips. If you are one of the ones that really want to earn with Scentsy these are great tools for you! 

Once you sign up & purchase your starter kit there is no need to wait for your starter kit to get started!

When you sign up as a new team member I will be notified, I will personally send you a welcome email with information on how you can get started while you wait for your kit to arrive.

I will then provide you with access to our team support groups on Facebook for extra help and support.  


*If you do not live in the UK but wish to join my Scentsy team you select your country before you sign up and purchase your Scentsy Starter kit.