Scentsy Starter Kit To Become a Scentsy Consultant - Our Scentsy Shop Online!

Scentsy starter kit, these unique Scentsy starter kits open you a whole new opportunity for you to join Scentsy to start as a new consultant to sell Scentsy. Each kit contains everything you need to get your business off the ground. 

Scentsy offer three types of starter kit for new consultants to join us. The usual full-sized Standard kit, the host exclusive starter kit and the very rare mini starter kit as a limited time offer, and of course Scentsy offer a unique re-instatement kit for former consultants who wish to get re-started again to earn with us.  

When you purchase the Scentsy starter kit and sign up as a new consultant you have the opportunity to earn with Scentsy offering amazing scent products on your terms. Get paid to place friends & family orders and earn free and half priced items with all qualifying orders, or you have the chance to really make a go of your business to earn a long term regular income. The choice is yours. You choose what effort you wish to put in with help and support along the way.

To get started simply select to order your Starter kit sign up and join on my website and you will be emailed your consultant ID and I will be in touch to help and support you along the way.   

Join Scentsy Now and start selling Scentsy products today. Start your own Scentsy Business. Each Starter Kit contains all your business tools.

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