Scentsy offer a huge range of scented products & gifts. Choose from Scentsy Warmers & Wax, Scentsy Diffusers & oils to Scentsy fragrance flowers and unplugged Scentsy products for use just about anywhere. 

Be Inspired by Scentsys safe scented products, in addition to Scentsy offering a whole safe range of scented products be inspired by Scentsy products designed with licensing partners to create stunning scented collections you will love.

We believe that by creating beautiful fragrances and our simple Scentsy systems that release those Scentsy fragrances into your life we can lift moods, stir memories and change lives. Scentsy products and fragrance are loved by so many Scentsy fans all over the world. Scentsy safe scented products and scents have become so popular, if you see a Scentsy products you love, you may need to grab that while it is available as our Scentsy products tend to sell out really quickly.

scentsy warmer

Scentsy Warmers & Wax

Scentsy Warmers and scented wax are one of our top selling Scentsy products. Finding the right Scentsy warmer for the right room is key to filling your life with Scentsy fragrance. Scentsy offer both Mini candle Warmers & full sized Warmers in a range of styles and designs. 

One of the defining features of all Scentsy mini warmers is how they can either be displayed with a tabletop base or plug directly into a wall socket. While both types of Scentsy warmers come in a wide variety of styles to suit your décor, they serve different design functions. A mini warmer complements any small space  beautifully, where a full-size Scentsy warmer can be the centerpiece that ties a room together. Our Full sized Scentsy Warmers are designed with a lead to provide you with plenty of choices where to put your chosen Scentsy Warmer.

Scentsy mini warmers are consistent, relying on the same wattage across all designs. Our full-size Scentsy Warmers are more varied in their size, shape and overall design, different products use different light bulbs or heating elements to melt your favourite Scentsy wax bar, some Scentsy Warmers even feature LEDs!

The lighting effect from some of our Scentsy warmers which use the light bulb to warm the wax are stunning. Scentsy offer so many warmers with gorgeous illumination.

Scentsy Diffuser & Scented Oils

Our Scentsy Diffuser is another great products line Scentsy have to offer and loved by so many fans all over the world. 

The Scentsy Diffuser has it all, advanced technology and the most beautiful design on the market! It’s a modern scent system with plenty of options to customize your experience, presented in a gorgeous, but simple to use format anyone can use and enjoy. 

The Scentsy Diffuser allows you to customize your fragrance experience by adding more or less scented oils. Select from a choice of 16 LED lighting settings or choose to rotate through the colours. Our Scentsy duffuser is perfect for all aromatherapy lovers. Choose you scent strenght, select you lighting choice then sit back and enjoy the amazing cold mist technology while scenting your place with a gorgeous focal point scent system for your home.

scentsy diffuser