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Scentsy soak can be used both as a bath soak or a foot soak providing beautiful moisturising ingredients, Scentsy soak provides a relaxing, skin-pampering experience. 

Scentsy soak allows you to infuse your bath with authentic Scentsy fragrance and moisturising ingredients, while Epsom and pink Himalayan salts soothe tired, achy muscles and help you relax. To use our Scentsy soak in your bath pour the desired amount of Scentsy Soak under warm, running water (about 150 g) for a beautiful scented and nourishing bath. 

Scentsy soak isn't just loved by those who love to relax in the bath, Scentsy soak also provides the perfect premium moisturisers and exclusive fragrances which also makes our Scentsy soak a desirable option as the perfect fragrant foot soak, if you prefer to use our Scentsy soak as a foot soak or have not bath, simple add to slow warm running and add less Scentsy soak, or the amount you desire, resulting a relaxing, skin-pampering experience. 

Whether you choose to use Scentsy soak within your bath to relax and unwind or allow your feet to take a dip after a long day, you are sure to love the Himalayan salts to soothe tired, achy muscles and help you relax. 

Scentsy Soak is provided in a large 910 g bag for multiple uses.


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