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Scentsy Oils feature the best ingredients, responsibly sourced and expertly processed, to create our natural and essential oils. 

Scentsy has made amazing blends of oils to allow you to scent your space with stunning natural fragrances.Scent your home with our Scentsy oils. 

Essential Oils are Harvested from the most aromatic botanicals to deliver a pure, single-note fragrance. Think Eucalyptus, Lavender or Peppermint. 100% pure oils offer uncompromising quality. Scentsy essential oils are recommended for oil enthusiasts who like things pure and simple.

Essential oil blends are handcrafted in partnership with expert cultivators and fragrance designers for a beautiful, complex aroma. These Scentsy oils Combine two or more pure essential oils into layered, mood-enhancing formulas, like Calm, Dash and Rest. Essential oil blends are recommended for those who love a more intricate fragrance.

Natural oil blends are Naturally derived ingredients and essential oils blended into premium, artisanal fragrances exclusive to Scentsy. Available in a gorgeous variety of scents, like Blackberry Basil, Jasmine White Tea and Watermelon Red Berries. Handcrafted from globally sourced ingredients. Natural oil blends are recommended for fragrance lovers and those who enjoy branching out.



Scentsy oils and diffusers wick free scented candles

Scentsy Oils are best enjoyed when paired with the unmatched quality and style of a handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser. Here’s a quick look at why our diffusers are the greatest out there, bar none:

  • Style, light and fragrance provide a multisensory experience.
  • Large water reservoir for up to 8 hours of continuous use.
  • Three misting options (high, low, intermittent) to control fragrance intensity.
  • 16 LED lighting effects in a spectrum of colors.
  • Available in a variety of modern designs.
  • Instantly, quietly fills your space with mood-enhancing fragrance.
  • Great option for anyone who wants an all-natural experience.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.