Become A Scentsy Consultant

Become a Scentsy Consultant & Start Your Scentsy Business 

One of the perks of being a Scentsy Consultant is the possibility of earning an income from home & the flexibility you gain.

If you decide you would like to become a Scentsy consultant you can find how to and where to become a new consultant right here. If you know the opportunity is right for you, you are welcome to join us and get started right away. 

Alot of Scentsy fans who have thought of becoming a Scentsy consultant may wonder what is in it for them to get started. There are so many reasons to join Scentsy as a new consultant. Earn a monthly income with a generous commission plan, earn rewards in free and half priced items and be rewarded for your efforts with awards and recognition. When you become a new consultant you also have the opportunity to earn the great incentives set for all consultants old and new, some of the incentives Scentsy offer their consultants the chance to earn are fantastic! Who wouldnt want to become a new consultant to have these amazing opportunities?  Have the chance to earn all expenses paid trip to holiday destinations, make friend and travel the world simply by building your Scentsy business and doing something you love. 

When people are thinking of becoming a new consultant they often wonder if they can work their Scentsy business around a current job, the answer is yes, because the scentsy consultant opportunity is so flexible you have full control of when you wish to work your business and what time you wish to put in, enjoy flexibilty as a new consultant while earning an extra income doing something you can enjoy. Scentsy products are really popular and sell really well. We have consultants all over the globe now taking adavntage of the great business opportunity Scentsy has to offer and earning extra money they deserve.

You may already know you want to become a Scentsy consultant but you are unsure how to get started. Becoming a new Scentsy consultant is easy, Click “Join My Team” at the top of My Personal Website, select your Starter Kit and follow the enrollment steps. When you become a Scentsy consultant you choose your own hours and work freely in the time you want, you choose how often you would like to promote your business and share the amazing products on offer. Scentsy is a genuine work from home family friendly business opportunity which enables you to work around children or a current lifestyle.  You can earn extra money on your terms with a great commission plan and bonuses. You have the choice to offer products as a hobby or to make a career out of Sharing Scentsy by earning a long term regular monthly income.

 join scentsy here

When you chose to get started and become a new Scentsy consultant you can order your Scentsy starter kit once you enroll using the steps above, Your kit has everything you need to start your own Scentsy business and the kit is amazing! 

You are welcome to navigate around my website to find out more about consultant incentives and considering joining scentsy as a consultant. If you are not already familiar with the products you may want to take a look at my online shop to see the amazing range of fragrance products we have to offer. 

You are also welcome to contact me to discuss any aspect of joining Scentsy as a consultant. If you think you are ready you can get started right away.

*when asked for a TAX ID please provide a valid passport number or national insurance number.


If you would like help with the enrollment form to become a consultant or would like to disuss anything further about joining our team please dont hestitate to get in touch. When you become a Scentsy consultant I receive an email to let me know you have started, i will then be in touch with you to help and support your to become the best you can be. Dont miss out on an amazing opportunity to join me and my amazing group of over 1440 consultants already enjoying the great perks of becoming a Scentsy consultant.

Scentsy is a great and rewarding business to be in, throughout my time as a Scentsy consultant ive met many new people and created lifelong friendships, we have an amazing support network of consultants who love helping and supporting each other. We love rewarding each others efforts through our team pages set up on Facebook to help and support each other. Your hard work with Scentsy never goes un-noticed with our team recogniton. We love to recognize all achievements no matter how big or small they may be. When you join and become a Scentsy consultant with us and join an amazing team and have the best support!

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