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Scentsy Diffuser - New Reflect Fragrance Oil Diffuser - Get Yours Today!

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New Reflect Scentsy Diffuser - Home Fragrance Diffuser - Buy Scentsy.

The reflect Scentsy Diffuser has Mirrored silver finish, speckled like a starry night sky, you will lose yourself in the design of this special piece.  Unique and elegant, Scentsy aromatherapy oil diffusers change color and are the perfect decorative piece to have in your home.   Available March 1st 2016. 

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The Reflect Scentsy Diffuser sports a mirrored finish, dappled like the stars at night, and when turned on, can be set to more than a dozen light and colour settings, as well as having three diffusion level options.  Add in Scentsy's amazing All-Natural oil blends and essential oils, and suddenly you've got yourself the most customizable scent diffuser in the entire Universe, and maybe beyond! Reflecting is exactly what you will find yourself doing while staring into this gorgeous diffuser.  

Our Scentsy diffusers are amazing colour changing products designed to a world class standard to safely diffuse fragrance throughout your home. 

reflect scentsy diffuser wick free scented candles

Find out more about our amazing Scentsy oil Diffusers. Read our FAQ's for all you need to know.

reflect new scentsy oil diffuser wick free scented candles


reflect scentsy diffuser new wick free scented candles

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