Why choose Scentsy?

Why choose scentsy? 

A scentsy warmer system is NOT an ordinary 'CANDLE' or a 'BURNER' A scentsy system is a safe wick free hand crafted ceramic warmer that is designed to gently WARM and MELT scented wax from a low watt hotplate inside of the warmer to set off a a fab fragrance for the ultimate scented wax experience. 

A Scentsy warmer system is the safer, stronger, longer lasting alternative to scented candles & candle jars a scetsy system has no wick, no naked flame, no smoke and no soot and are safe around children and pets! No risk of fire from a naked flame! Fine to be left unattended.

scentsy stystem

Scentsys hand crafted plug in warmers come in a huge range of styles and colours to suit any style or décor and over 80 gorgeous fragrance Scentsy wax bars to suit anyones taste. 


Once you purchase a warmer to get at least 3 years use out of that warmer!

Every warmer comes with a 3 year guarantee! 


Have you every come in from a hards days work, lit a candle and fell asleep on the sofa? 

Unfortunately accidents do happen!

With our fab Scentsy warmer system you willnot have this problem!

Scentsy warmers are fine to be left unattended! There is no risk of burning fabrics furniture, materials or pets.

The amazing no wick design and the fitted low watt hotplate will give you the ultimate scented candle wax experience without the fire risk! No you can enjoy a scented wax experience without the worry!

candle fire 

Why risk your saftey when a new safer alternative is available!

As well as a scentsy system being safer than traditional candle jars and burners our scentsy bars are designed to hold more fragrance than a traditional wax.

we are able to allow more fragrance in our scentsy bars as the wax is only gently warmed!

A scentsy warmer and scentsy candle wax bars will give you the ultimate candle wax experience. 

Love the idea of Scensty products? 

Why not take the opportunity to sample products as well as earning yourself free products credit and half priced items.

experience the scentsy magic

It pays to party!

Contact me book your Scentsy party now!


As well as Scentsy offering these amazing products & parties for everyone to try before they buy, Scensty also offer an amazing work from home opportunity!

The chance to work from home offering products you believe in.

If you would like to discuss enrolling as a consultant to work from home feel free to contact me 07943730454.

choose scentsy and invest in you

For a small investment purachsing the scentsy consultant starter kit you can be on your way to a fantastic new career. 

Why wait? A year down the line you may wish you had joined today!