Tilia Scentsy Warmer

With our Tilia Warmer, you'll have the cool graphic print of a barren tree. The simple, modern shape and glowing porcelain of Tilia allows the stark beauty of a tree in winter to shine through. This cute plain and simple warmer is part of our Deluxe Scentsy range and is a great value Scentsy warmer at only £36. Our Deluxe Scentsy systems allow you to express yourself with bold colours, rare textures, and trendy patterns. These distinct Scentsy warmers mainly have lights for a little glow effect, but some may not. Our tilia warmer has tiny holes the lights shine through and a gentle glow throughout the tree effect. If you want all the benefits of a Scentsy warmer in a neutral and modern package this may be the option for you. This is a stunning warmer to complement any décor.

Our £36 range warmers are a great warmer for those who have never tried Scentsy and would like to give Scentsy a go, slight illumination and not too plain, not to mention still being budget friendly too. These warmers are perfect for any space where you would like a touch of Scentsy fragrance. We have some great designs available in our deluxe range.

Our Scentsy warmers are completely different to a candle and a much safer alternative. These elegant ceramic hand crafted ornaments are fitted with a hot plate and designed to gently warm scented wax from the top dish, allowing you to fragrance your space discreetly. All of our Scentsy candle warmer systems are plug in and come in different colours and styles to suit any taste or decor.  Each individual Scentsy warmer comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee on defects.