Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer

Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer

The Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer's coloured glass beads are rolled into handmade blown glass, making the pattern on each Tiger Jasper Warmer truly unique.

Melt our wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb and fill your space with fragrance with no flame, smoke, or soot.

We introduce new, trending warmer designs every season so you can refresh your décor or find that special piece that matches your personality, our Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer can do just that. This warmer is a truly stunning decor piece as well as a wax warning system. Due to each warmer being unique there will be several variations to this warmer.

Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer variance

The Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer is currently offered in a full sized wax warmer, pair with our Scentsy bars for a stunning scent experience.

Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer full sized

Full sized Warmers

Scentsy warmers make gorgeous home decor gifts as they fill your life with beautiful scent, simple systems minus the flame, soot or smoke! Scentsy full sized Warmers are electric with a lead. 

Scentsy Warmers are a beautiful and safe way to enjoy amazing fragrance with our premium-quality Scentsy Wax Bars.

Pick your warmer, find your Scentsy wax bar fragrance, snap off one or two cubes, switch on and enjoy. 

Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer unavailable in a mini warmer

Mini warmers

Plug them into the wall, or use our Mini Warmer Tabletop Base designed for use on any flat surface. 

Scentsy Mini Warmers are a beautiful and safe way to enjoy amazing fragrance with our premium-quality Scentsy Wax Bars, Mini warmers are perfect for small spaces.

Pick your mini warmer, find your Scentsy Wax bar fragrance, break off one cube of wax, switch on an enjoy stunning scent.

Tiger Jasper Scentsy Warmer to be used with wax bars

6 Pack of Scentsy Wax Bars

Our Scentsy bar six pack provides the best discount. When you buy our Scentsy Bar Six Pack, you get six Bars of your choice which provides a £7.25 saving on single bar prices. This is the equivalent to buying 5 bars and gaining one free.

With any six pack of Scentsy wax bars you can mix and match scents to allow you to explore a variety of different fragrances providing you with the best discount while purchasing your Scentsy Wax bars in bulk.