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Scentsy wedding reception & gift ideas

Wick free scented candles offers an alternative to scented candles with Scentsy's flame-free wickless candle warmers, no wick, no flame, no soot and no fire risk! Buy Scentsy’s decorative ceramic candle warmers along with our amazing scented wax bars called Scentsy bars. These are safer, stronger, longer lasting than traditional candles in a huge range of fragrances you will love!

scentsy wedding reception and gift ideas

Scentsy artistic ceramic candle warmers are becoming more and more popular at wedding venues to add a bit of extra luxury. Scentsy warmers are great for inviting guests with an amazing scented wax fragrance to any reception, especially when traditional wicked candles are no longer allowed due to health and safety!  Scentsy warmers have no naked flame and no fire risk!

With a huge range of Warmers in all different styles and colours and over 80 fragrance scents, you are sure to find something to match your theme or colour or simply personalise a warmer yourself!

buy scentsy online cream classic gallery candle warmer

Here is an example of the cream classic gallery wickfree scentsy warmer and the red sparkle magnetic front frame. A perfect combination if your colour or theme is red. Classy and sparkly with a fab glow as well as warming a gorgeous fragrance to invite guests. This combination is sure to give that extra special touch to your big day!


This is an example of the cream classic galler with the blue dazzle magnetic front frame. A fab combination to fit into any blue colour or wedding theme. Pair this combination with the gorgeous luna scent to impress your guests!


Once you have finished using them at your wedding reception why not simply change the magnetic front frame to match your home decor. Frame are available is many styles and colours. 

As well as becoming more and more popular at wedding venues and receptions they also becoming more and more popular as mother of the bride gifts, gifts for the bride and grooms new home or bridesmaids gifts.  Warmers are a unique gift for any occasion.

Not only do Scentsy have the stunning gallery warmers with changeable from frame, theres a huge range to choose from along with over 80 fragrance scents!

To view the full range of Scentsy candle warmers and Scentsy wax bar fragrances visit my Scentsy shop.

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