Get the most out of your Scentsy products

The safety of Scentsy 

To get the best out of your Scentsy products always use Scentsy products how they have been designed to be used...

Many customers ask can i use traditional candle wax, tarts or normal scented candle wax in my warmer... The answer is NO 

using other oils or wax in a scentsy warmer

A question I also come across at Scentsy parties from time to time is: “is it ok to use a Scentsy Bar in a burner?”. The response I give is along the lines of- “how you use your Scentsy Bars is entirely up to you, but in your best personal interests- I wouldn’t”. And here’s why:

 can i use scentsy bars in a candle burner

Let’s first look at potentially putting your Scentsy into a basic “tea light burner”. A Scentsy Bar is a highly fragrant wax bar (in essence a “wickless candle”) that is intended to be gently warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is warmed at a low temperature when using the Scentsy system rather than “burned”, it is specifically designed to hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. In a very basic nutshell, oil + fire = danger. There is no flame using a Scentsy bar in a Scentsy warmer as intended, there is no naked flame, soot or smoke etc- why would you compromise on arguably the best part of using Scentsy- the safety?

candle fire kills

Scentsy warmers and fragranced scentsy bars are becoming more and more popualr due to the safety aspect. When using a traditional flamed candle when you go out you have to remember to blow out, with a scentsy warmer if you don't turn off your warmer when you leave your home or business you not at risk of anything catching fire from a naked flame!

I know which i would prefer to use, you sinmply can't put a price on safety.

Have you ever fallen asleep on the sofa after a hard days works while relaxing with your naked flame candle on? I guess we all have, I have done it myself on the odd occasion, suddernly waking up thinking 'that was lucky' when nothing had been set alight or burnt. Using scentsy warmers and scented wax bars with no naked flame you can enjoy the scented wax experience & relax comfortably knowing you not causing a hazzard to yourself and your home!

candle safety why choose scentsy wick free

Candles may be pretty and have a glow from a naked flame, however that little glow you long for may be fatal. Scentsy have designed some safe scented ceramic warmers to have a have glow effect to give you a fab candle light up effect. Each and every scentsy candle warmer comes with a 3 year guarantee! You certainly don't get that with a traditional candle, once it's gone its gone!

Not only are Scentsy warmer safer in comparison to traditional flamed candles scentsy fragrance wax bars are stronger and longer lasting. 

get the most of out your scentsy scented wax bar

There is no waste from a burnt down wick using scentsy fragrance bars, on traditional flamed candles the flame only tends to melt where the actual wick and flame is through the middle of the candle, once you have used your wick the wax can no longer be re-used. When you use your Scentsy fragrance wax bar, if you decide you would like a change before all the fragrance has gone simply pour the contents of the melted wax back into the scentsy bar container ready to re-use again if there is still scent left in. 

Have you tried Scentsy mixology with re-used wax? This is an amazing effect! Don't throw out wax until all fragrance has gone, if you decide to re-use the wax why not try mixing one cube of a use scent and another cube of a different used scent to get a whole new fragrnce rather than waste your wax. Some of the results for the mixology are amazing! 

how to use scentsy bars scented wax

*Remember to only use 1 or 2 cubes at the most of your scentsy bar wax as the fragrance is released from the hottest part of the bottom of the warmer dish to gently warm and set off the fragrance, over loading your warmer will not give off the same effect, you will be diluting the wax where the fragrance will not be able to be released from the warmer dish as easily.

If you are a candle lover that loves the glow effect maybe Scentsy's stunning silhoutte collection (shown below) is for you. 

glowing silhouette scentsy warmers wick free scented candles