Scentsy - Payment methods

Scentsy Payment Methods - How to buy Scentsy - You Can buy Scentsy through one of our team of Scentsy consultants through a Scentsy party - Shop Scentsy online. Buy Scentsy from me via email or telephone or through my customer Facebook page or If you are looking to Buy Scentsy anywhere throughout the UK, Ireland, Scotland You can Shop Online through My approved Scentsy Website. It is essential when Choosing an online Scentsy website to purchase Scentsy that you choose the correct Website for your country due to different types of electrically settings and wattages. If you Live in the UK Ireland or Scotland, all Scentsy products from available on my website will be suitable for use in the UK, Ireland and Scotland. If you live in a different country be sure to select your flag before adding products to your basket. 

Where and how can I buy Scentsy in the UK or online/website

Buy Scentsy by telephone: 07943730454

Buy Scentsy by Email: [email protected]

Buy Scentsy online: Buy Scentsy online here from my Scentsy Website

*When buying Scentsy online in Ireland or Spain you can change the country/language at top right of my online Scentsy store by clicking on the flag to show your the correct currency for your country.

Buy Scentsy through Facebook: Join my Facebook group here

Payment methods to buy Scentsy

Scentsy website: Credit card/debit card and we now offer PayPal. 

Buy Scentsy by telephone: Credit card/debit card, bank transfer.

Buy Scentsy by Facebook: When placing an order by Facebook I can call you to take your Scentsy payment using the telephone payment method of your choice or you can choose to buy Scentsy through my Facebook group by paying for your order by Paypal secure payment. 

Postage Discounts

I can offer a postage discount for buying Scentsy with multiple orders by buying Scentsy in bulk and having all orders delivered to one address. (This is a great way to save money if you and friends wish to buy Scentsy at the same time) please email me for further information.

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