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Scentsy party - Host a Scentsy Party - Book A Scentsy Party - Earn Free Scentsy - Earn Half Priced Scentsy. Hosting a Scentsy candle & home fragrance party is fun and easy. Host a Scentsy candle party for your chance to earn amazing rewards, Free Scentsy product credit & half priced Scentsy items. If you love Scentsy products, scented candles & home fragrance products this is the perfect opportunity to earn your own Scentsy products highly discounted & free. Book your Scentsy wick free Scented candle party today!


When you bring together friends and Scentsy products, it happens naturally - laughing, sharing, and reminiscing! Fragrances evoke special memories and have different meanings for everyone. That's why our products can't be explained—they have to be experienced. And that's why Scentsy parties are so much fun!

Hosting a Scentsy Party is NEW and FUN 

Many of us have been to a get together with friends for a night in or a house party but SCENTSY Partys are totally new - so why not be the first in your area to have one.  Parties are free to book and are a relaxed but fun way to spend a few hours with friends and family.  Most importantly though with Scentsy we really look after our party hosts by offering them FREE and discounted Scentsy products*.

We offer several types of Scentsy party:

Scentsy Home Party 

These partys take place in your home, club house or other suitable venue.  They take around two hours and are loads of fun.  We recommend our hosts keep refreshments simple as we are entertaining enough ;-).

Basket Party

For the host who is too busy to organise a house party we offer the basket party.  For this we give you a basket full of Scentsy products and you take it with you to work, home and friends and collect orders in your time.  You still get all the same rewards as a house party host.

Open House

These partys last over several days and allow everyone you know to drop in at a time suitable to them to see your display.  Again you get all the same rewards and free gifts as a house party host. 


you can book a home party or basket party from us with the click of a button, to email an enquiry about booking a party. 

Alternatively you welcome to call or text me on 07943730454.

Are you interested in earning yourself free and half priced Scentsy items but feel the party option isnt for you? You can still earn free and half priced products by simply collecting orders from friends, family, work colleagues or anyone you know. If you would like to collect orders to earn free and half priced items please contact me to discuss

Scentsy - The Gift for ANY Occasion!

Scentsy is the perfect gift for a loved one for any special occasion or even just to show you care.  We have a huge range of warmers, fragrances and alternative products including the soft toy buddys with fragrance pak whuch are fab gifts.  


shop scentsy here online my scensty store

party rewards

As well as party host at home or on the go i am also looking for Facebook Party hosts!

Earn rewards by hosting an online party!


Simple & easy & i do most of the work! Hows that for fab Scentsy freebies!

I have a private closed group on Facebook, if you would like to contact me through facebook you welcome to join my group click here to join me on facebook!

Scentsy party - Host a Scentsy Party - Book A Scentsy Party - Earn Free Scentsy - Earn Half Priced Scentsy -

Contact me to book your Scentsy party today!