Scentsy for holiday homes

Enhance your holiday home with a touch of Scentsy fragrance, Scentsy offers safe scented products perfect for holiday homes providing added luxury to your space or for your guests. 

Take the flame and fire risk out of candles with our Scentsy electric warmers, plug into an electric socket, add wick free wax from our Scentsy bars, switch on and enjoy. Full sized warmers or mini plug in warmers both make the perfect addition to any space.


caravan scentsy scented wick free safe electric candlesscentsy system how a warmer works 

Our Scentsy fragrance line for your holiday home doesnt stop there, we have safe scents systems for both home or on the go too. 

       caravan scentsy safe scented wick free candles & products

Explore a range of Scentsy scent systems.

Our wall fan plug ins are designed to be used with Scentsy pods, small scent beads to blow scent through the air. The Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser is an amazing, functional way to deliver instant fragrance! It plugs into any wall plug. 

scentsy wall fan wick free scented candles holiday home


Other Scentsy scented products perfect for any holiday home include...

Scentsy Buddies, Scentsy Buddies make great gifts for both children & adults, personalize our plush stuffed toys with your favourite scent. Each Scentsy Buddy comes with a zippered pouch to hold a favourite Scent Pak, a fabric beaded pack of scent beads to give a great fragrance. Scentsy buddies offer discreetly hidden scent and are perfect to lay out on a bed or bedside cabinet in your holiday home to provide a hidden fresh scent.

 roosevelt scentsy buddy  

Scentsy scent paks are not just designed for use in Scentsy buddies, the offer so many uses and provide a fab way to add a touch or scent to wardrobes, drawers, linen cupboards or anywhere you would like a touch of fragrance. A great Scentsy fragrance product perfect for your holiday home.

scent pak scentsy


Scentsy travel twists make the perfect scent system for you holiday home with customisable scent, turn the wheel to supply as much or as little scent as you desire. with a small compact case these travel twists can be used just about anywhere! 


Scentsy travel twist wick free scented candles (2)