Scentsy Burners

Scentsy burners safe alternative

Scentsy Burners are actually named Warmers due to the fact they warm wax rather than burn scented wax.

Usual wax burners are used to heat up wax cubes and release their scent using a wick and flame, however Scentsy warmers gently warm scented wax using a hot plate or a bulb to provide a safe wax experience without the need of a wick or flame. 

Our warmers provide a great alternative to burners to give you a safe long lasting scent experience without the fire risk.

You can find safe flameless, plug in the wall, tabletop, warmers in our online shop to fill your home with fresh fragrance . These are simple safe wax warming systems created to be used through electric.  Scentsy warmers are a new modern safe alternative to a wax burner. 

If you love the idea of a safe burner head over to our Scentsy shop to explore the great range of safe Scentsy wax warmers we have to offer.

Although a Scentsy warmer is sometimes described as a Scentsy  burner you need to search for a warmer rather than a Scentsy burner. 

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