Scentsy Bars Cafe & Bakery inspired scents

Scentsy bar cafe fragrances come in a range of sweet and fruity scents, our inspired Cafe Fragrances include scents from a heavenly bakery or French pastries mixed with spices. Select your scents in our Wickless scented candle wax bars. View the range of scented wax bars available and select your favourite.

All of our candle wax bars are designed to be gently warmed and melted in our electric warmers from a low watt hotplate fitted inside our warmers or a bulb to melt the wax to give off the ultimate scented candle wax experience. Scentsy products and fragrances are perfect to treat yourself and your home or give someone as a special gift. 

Be insipred by bakery scents, An ode to edible, delectably sweet goodies. These scents includes notes like vanilla, caramel, cocoa and pie crust. Cafe fragrances smell as good as they sound, your home can smell like a welcoming bakery anytime.