Add Scentsy wax to an electric Warmer to experience multilayered wax scent that unfolds beautifully over time. Scentsy wax bars are a safe way to fill your space with fragrance. Melt our Scentsy wax bars to perfume your home with the best Scentsy scents and fragrance. Scented with oil to keep your personal spaces smelling amazing.

Our scented wax cubes are bars designed to melt in our warmers to provide an amazing safe scented wax experience using no flame or wick. Scentsy Wick Free wax bars offer 8 wax cubes per bar.

scentsy wax bars

Add this medley of wax and fragrance to a Scentsy Warmer to experience multilayered scent that unfolds beautifully over time.

Scentsy Wax is simply the best, we love fragrance, especially because we understand its power to bring people together, enliven ordinary moments and make us smile. So, for all the fragrance oil we pack into each Scentsy Bar to make it last, you can trust that there is even more thought, expertise and a whole lotta love in every single wax bar. Each individual Scentsy wax bar is created using art and science to bring you the most personal wax fragrances on the market. These are planned and developed a year before they are released. 

To give our customers wax fragrances they want our Scentsy fragrance teams look at severval factors when choosing wax scents to create, they look at whats trending and what may be requested as seasonal. They choose the wax scent, wax colour, wax label pattern and the wax name to create the perfect wax fragrance bar for our customers. There's so much effort, time, and consideration goes into every single Scensty wax bar created along with testing.

Each Scentsy wax Bar is composed of a high-quality paraffin wax blend, dye and fragrance oil. Our fragrances are layered and delightfully complex, so each oil blend contains 30 to 60 natural and synthetic ingredients to create a fragrance scent pyramid. The wax is dyed to elevate the fragrance experience, and choosing the perfect Pantone color is part of the design process. The colour may give you a clue to the distinct wax fragrance created inside the bar.

Each wax Bar label features a unique pattern and wax-coordinating color to hint at the fragrance waiting inside the clamshell. The fragrance pattern isn’t necessarily a direct interpretation of the scent’s notes, but rather its overall character.

Every Scentsy wax fragrance also needs an evocative name and description that includes the most prominent scent notes to use on packaging, in catalog and online to help express the character of a fragrance – especially when you’re unable to shop in person and try before you buy. 

Once a wax fragrance is designed, named and assigned a color, it needs to be manufactured! All Scentsy wax Bars are made in the USA, at our home office in Meridian, Idaho.

Within the Manufacturing of Scentsy wax High-tech, proven processes are used which lead to high quality results offering you the perfect Scentsy wax fragrances to enjoy.

Scentsy wax is packed with fragrance oil designed to make it last when warmed. Our wax provides you with quality fragrances. Choose from a huge range of pre designed wax bars available to purchase from my Scentsy shop Online. 

We also offer a great selection of Scentsy fragrances within the clearance section of my Scentsy shop, certain wax fragrances leave the current brochure to make way for new Scentsy Wax bars being launched in the new seasons brochure. If you spot a wax scent you love, grab that while our final supplies last in that scent.

Did you know, if you love a Scentsy wax scent you can request to have that wax fragrance made for you by Scentsy on a regular basis even if it is leaving or has left the current brochure by subscribing to our Scentsy Club. You can request how often you would like a shipment of your favourite wax fragrances to come direct to your home. Always get my bar is a great perk of using Scentsy club and never run out of the wax scents you love.