Scentsy Candle Warmer Accord / Scentsy Wax Warmers / 3 in 1 Combination Warmer / Warm 3 Fragrances At Once!

Our Accord Scentsy warmer system is available in white or grey. This new warmer has been created to allow any mixology of fragrances desired, to be able to warm one alone of mix up to 3 fragrances warming together. This new style Scentsy candle warmer has been designed to be creative and unique. Our customers have been mixing their favourite scents together creatively - it's what inspired Scentsy Signatures! Warm one, two or three fragrances together or enjoy them one at Warm one, two or three fragrances together or enjoy them one at a time! With three dishes, each featuring its own on/off button, Accord offers countless ways to get creative with your favourite scents. So go ahead and unleash your inner perfumer and create your signature blends! Our Inspired Scentsy Accord warmer is available in grey or white and are simple and stylish to fit into any décor. Get creative with Scentsy, be daring and create your own mixology. Share your favourite fragrances in perfect harmony.

Our Scentsy warmers are completely different to a candle and a much safer alternative. These elegant hand crafted ornaments are fitted with a hot plate and designed to gently warm scented wax from the top dish, allowing you to fragrance your space discreetly. All of our Scentsy candle warmer systems are plug in and come in different colours and styles to suit any taste or decor.  Each individual Scentsy warmer comes with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee.