Scentsy GO Fragrance Pods

Scentsy Go Pods - Scented Beads For Scentsy Go

Filled with no-spill fragrance beads, each Scentsy Pod provides up to 120 hours of signature Scentsy aroma. Each pack includes two Pods of the same fragrance. Our Scentsy pods are specifically designed scented beads created to be used in our Scentsy Go fragrance System delivering instant fragrance. An internal fan blows air through the Scentsy Pods, filling any small space with fragrance in seconds.

Our Scentsy GO and Scentsy pods are the newest innovation to home fragrance at home, in the ffice or on the go.  We had so many requests for a bathroom product from Scentsy without the use of a plug for bathrooms or on the go. Now we have it. Scentsy Go combines the best of Scentsy fragrance for any space without having to be plugged in. Our New battery powered product can be used just about anywhere and is completely portable. Fitted with an internal lithium battery it can be charged with the included USB cord provided for up to 40 hours of use. Enjoy the full seven-colour LED light display, or adjust to pause on the colour of your choice. To use simply twist open the cover. Drop in 1-2 Scentsy Pods; 2 Pods increase fragrance strength for larger spaces. Close. Turn on.

Choose from a great selection of Scentsy pods in our favourite fragrance to enjoy Scentsy go at home or wherever you may go.  Use Scentsy go in the office, at home, in your bathroom, in the car or anywhere you would love a touch of Scentsy fragrance.

Scentsy wick free scented candles offer the whole range of Scentsy pod fragrances. Our current selection of fragrances include 












New Scentsy Pod fragrances may be added to our current selection so keep checking back to my website to find out whats new.