Scentsy DIY Colouring Party

Scentsy DIY Warmer colouring party

Adult and childrens colouring is becoming more and more popular, thats why we so excited about our new DIY Scentsy Warmers Reimagine, tricks & treats and bonehead. These Scentsy warmers are a blank canvas ready for you to create your perfect warmer in your own colours and style.

 (bonehead skull warmer and tricks and treats are seasonal and only normally available around Halloween time). You can view my Scentsy shop online to see if he is available when you wish to order. Check out the Halloween tab in my shop.

Take Time for Yourself & Reimagine Your Life In Full Colour!

Introducing REIMAGINE Scentsy Warmer Available from September 1st 2016.

It’s your canvas, brought to life through your own unique vision. Reimagine lets you take the artistic lead and design a one-of-a-kind piece with inspired creativity and colour. Use permanent coloured markers to bring your warmer to life.

How to host a Scentsy warmer colouring party

*Count how many people will be at the colouring party.

*Pre order the DIY Scentsy colouring warmer of your choice for each individual at your party. (Please pre order at least 3 weeks in advance of your party date) You can pre order your Scentsy warmers by buying online from my scentsy shop or contacting me. You can have each person purchase their own Scentsy warmer or you can purchase them for them. 

(These warmers are available from Sept 1st 2016. *Ask about my specials on multiple orders.)

*You will need high quality permanent markers in a range of bright and bold colours and blacks. You will also need cotton balls, cotton buds and rubbing alcohol to clean mistakes.

*Thats it!

Let your imagination take over and have fun! Each guest gets to create their very own personally created Scentsy warmer to take home after the party. 

Dont forget to send me pictures to [email protected] or post them to my facebook page With your permission i'm happy to post any pictures to my website.

If you contact me rather than placing your order direct through my website. I am happy to advise you how to get your scentsy bars to use in your warmers using multiple order discounts. 

*Please note these multiple order discounts can only be done manually and not through the website. You are welcome to contact me by email, through the contact form on my website, by facebook or by phone.