Special collections of Scentsy products, including our licensed fragrances, dĂ©cor and more. Scentsy releases new collections throughout the year offering you a range of different Scentsy collection products for all the family, whether its a limited time offer collection, a new release licensed collection product or a Scentsy wax collection launch you are sure to find a Scentsy collection you will love. 

Be inspired by Scentsy collection products and fragrances.

Scentsy exclusive collections of new products and tried-and-true customer favourites. These different Scenty Collections are exclusive new release products and fragrances release at different dates throguhout the year. Whetherits good summer vibes you want or autum or winter products theres sure to be a Scentsy collection throughout the year you will love. 

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Scentsy Licensed Collections are Fragrances and products developed with our licensing partners. There are so many products within our Licensed collections you will love, Our licensing collections offer top brand names designed in popular scented and fragrance Scentsy products offering great creations such as warmers, wax collections, buddies and childrens gifts to bring you the best of Scentsy combined with your favourite characters.

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