Romantic candle scents

Romantic candle scents & fragrances are the perfect to set the mood. Whatever your idea of the perfect romantic moment is, find a scentsy candle warmer & fragrance scentsy wickfree candle wax bar to match it or take the romance to the next level with our ultrasonic world class cold mist techology oil diffuser with 16 LED lighting settings for the ultimate romantic experience!

Love warmer

A lovely blend of vintage-look milky ceramic and a label-style border that spells out the word "Love," don't let the simplicity of this Scentsy warmer fool you. It's a thoughtfully-designed nod to the heart of the home and the special affection shared by friends and family. Add your favourite Scentsy cubes and enjoy!

love wick free candle warmer scentsy


Pair one of our amazing scentsy bars with a romantic scensty wick free candle warmer for the perefct safe candle wax experience, safer, stronger and longer lasting than traditional candles and candle jars. Simplay place 2 cubes of your chosen scentsy bar into the top sidh of the warmer switch on and enjoy, the scensty candle wax bar will be gently warmed from the low watt hotplate inside of the warmer to give the ultimate scented candle wax experience. Every warmer comes with a 3 year guarantee!

Luna Scentsy Bar 

While most others seem to wind down at nightfall, your energy begins to flourish. Let the spirit of the moon guide your senses into an evening of enchantment with our Luna Scentsy Bar. This mysterious aroma is composed of intriguing sandalwood, playful berries, and an alluring bouquet of jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia.

LUNA New UK scentsy fragrance wick free scented candle wax bars online


Satin Sheets Scentsy Bar 

A woman who prizes luxury incorporates indulgence into what others consider even the most trivial parts of life. Whether drinking a gourmet espresso, or covering the bed in the finest of imported linens, she seeks to make every experience one of glamour. We've captured the spirit of luxury itself in our Satin Sheets Scentsy Bar, with a blend of exotic sandalwood and rich vanilla.

satin sheets scentsy


Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar 

Those days when you and your dearest just couldn't be apart can be brought back, by using our Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar to set the mood. You'll both be romanced by sensual notes of exotic island lilies, sweet kiwi, and sensual coconut palm.

honeymoon hideaway uk scentsy fragrance wick free scented candle wax bars


Love You Berry Much Scentsy Bar 

A fragrance to crush on: bursting red berries, dreamy white peach, and tart cranberry finished with a splash of vanilla.

loe you berry much scentsy wick free candle wax bar


Shimmer Scentsy Bar 

Get your girly-girl on! Sweet cherries, velvety apricots, and sensual white musk crowned with a tiara of shimmering spun sugar.

shimmer wick free scented candle wax bar scentsy


Love story Scentsy bar

Innocent pink jasmine and sensual amber embraced by luscious dark chocolate.

love story wick free scented candle wax bar scentsy


Peony petals Scentsy bar

Peony and rose petals dance on a soft breeze 

peony petals wick free scented candle wax bar scentsy


Flirtatious Scentsy bar

Set your mood with a Fruity and vibrant fragrance… a combination of green apple, grapefruit and white amber.

flirtatious wick free scented candle wax bar scentsy


A wink & a smile Scentsy bar

The flirty, girly, fresh scent of tulips and daffodils in full bloom, rounded out with plummy lemonade. A beautiful subtle fragrance.

wink and a smile wick free scented candle wax bar scentsy


Coconut flower Scentsy bar

Graceful tropical blossoms meet luscious pineapple and the subtle scent of coconut milk in a feminine, floral fragrance.

coconut wick free scented candle wax bar scentsy


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diffusers coloured

Lift your spirit and enliven your space with a handcrafted vessel, customised with style and light. A

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