Premium Scentsy candle warmers

 Scentsy Premium warmers are a really popular type of warmer in many styles and colours. Made only from premium materials, a lot of the pieces in the collection are also manually assembled and decorated by hand, these are fantastic artistic products. These are not just warmers they are unique works of art that feature some of the most impressive finishes, prints, and accents.

These are full sized warmers are large enough to be the center of visual interest in any room or corner but compact enough that you can transfer them from room to room or re-arrange to suit your current mood or preference. Scentsy’s Premium Collection carries a wide and unique range of warmers, featuring designs that vary from cute and girly pieces to some of the most stunning warmers in different syles and colours. Some premium warmers are designed to be fitted with a hotplate and others are designed with a bulb to melt the wax and provide great illumination.

From the most intricate designs to the simplest, you’ll certainly find something to love from the Premium Collection. With Scentsy’s wickless candle scents, you can say goodbye to traditional scented candles for good and enjoy a safe scented wax experience all-day long. Hand crafted premium warmers are functional, stylish, and there’s one for just about any taste and preference.


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