Pink Teapot Scentsy Warmer

Our cute pink Vintage Teapot Scentsy warmer is the perfect focal point for any vintage theme, whether you are looking to buy your Scentsy teapot candle warmer for a country kitchen, to be a focal point in an elegant bedroom or a quiet corner, you can fill the vintage pot and let the amazing Scentsy fragrances flow and fill your space discreetly. This rose pink tinted pot is ready to make you feel warm inside out.  This dusty pink teapot is topped with a delicate rosebud and an embossed, scalloped pattern and is a perfect addition to any space. 

This gorgeous teapot Scentsy warmer is part of our £42 premium range warmers and are a great warmer for almost anyone. Scentsy Premium warmers are a really popular type of warmer in many styles and colours. Made only from premium materials, a lot of the pieces in this range are also manually assembled and decorated by hand, these are fantastic artistic products. Scentsy Premium warmers are not just warmers; they are unique works of art that feature some of the most impressive finishes, prints, and accents.

Our Scentsy warmers are completely different to a candle and a much safer alternative. These elegant ceramic hand crafted ornaments are fitted with a hot plate and designed to gently warm scented wax from the top dish, allowing you to fragrance your space discreetly. All of our Scentsy candle warmer systems are plug in and come in different colours and styles to suit any taste or decor.  Each individual Scentsy warmer comes with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee on defects.