My Sun & Moon Scentsy Warmer wick free scented candles

My Sun & Moon Scentsy Warmer is perfect to give to someone special as a gift with the words 'you are my sun, my moon and all my stars engraved into the warmer design'. This Scentsy Warmer features neutral colours to fit in any decor. My Sun & Moon Scentsy Warmer is 14cm tall and offers a fab glow from a 25 watt bulb fitted inside the warmer. 

This simple but effective Scentsy warmer gets the message across giving out good vibes from meaningful wording. My Sun & Moon Scentsy Warmer is an electric warmer which offers a wick free scented candle experience without the fire risk. No smoke or soot from a wick or flame making them perfect for childrens bedrooms as well as any other room in a home. Enjoy light style and scent from this simple designed Scentsy Warmer.  

This is a perfect gift to give to a loving parent or grandparent from the children and really does give off such a warm message. Pair with our wick free scented candle wax bars, also known as Scentsy Bars for the perfect safe scented candle experience. Place your desired amount of wax cubes into the dish, switch on and enjoy. 

Enjoy simplicity, style, light, meaning & scent with My Sun & Moon Scentsy Warmer. This simple neutral gift can give off such a powerful message to a loved one.