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We’ve all heard it before. Whenever we spritz some perfume or spray a feminine scent throughout the home, one of the boys in the house will start complaining. “Why must it always smell girlie in here?”. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about those comments any longer once you introduce the men in your life to our awesome Scentsy Man Fragrance collection. We’ve created a whole line of aromas that are perfectly tailored to the preferences of men.

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Who says that Scentsy is for women only? The Scentsy Man collection will fill your home with rich, woody fragrances that will please both men and women. Warm woods, fresh herbs, and rich spice fragrance, scents & aromas. Fragrances that capture the scent of a man. Whoever your perfect guy is you’ll find the fragrance that captures him in. Buy scentsy mens range wax fragrance bar from my Scentsy shop. We offer some great fragrances designed for men in mind.

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The Scentsy mens fragrances are also really popular with women, there is some gorgeous fragrances!

These gorgeous wax scentsy bars & artistic ceramic candle warmers make fab gifts for men who love scented candles or home fragrance. The Zen rock element warmer was a massive hit for those house proud men. To check out the range of warmers suitable for any decor visit my Scentsy shop. Although our zen rock is no longer available you are sure to find a warmer you will love.


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We offer something for every taste or style and decor, we offer themed warmers for boys rooms or even fathers day gifts. Choose from a great selection.


Scentsy warmers are suitable for all ages due to the safety aspect, with no soot, no smoke, no naked flame meaning no risk, no risk of burning, children, pets or materials. 



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