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Shop for Luxury Gift Ideas from our Scentsy range. At Scentsy we don't just offer gifts, we offer top quality scented gifts. We have a range of products from scented teddies to scented tree ornaments, luxury candle warmers and amazing fragrances.

Discover the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, from stocking fillers,  limited edition gifts to luxury candle warmers and world class fragrance systems; we have something for everyone including mens gifts, childrens gifts, Christmas gifts and gifts for home or on the go.  Choose from a great range of stunning scented gifts and limited edition products.   

This Christmas, we want to make sure you celebrate in true luxury style. Take inspiration from our spectacular Scentsy Gift Guides and spoil family, friends and loved ones with these fail-safe gifting options.

Spooky Halloween Scentsy Brochure. Click the brochure image above to see our great Halloween range.

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In addition to our Scentsy brochures and gift guides we have an amazing range of limited edition Teddies known as buddies brought to life with a scent pak of stunning Scentsy fragrance. Place a scent pak into the back pocket of your teddy to bring your buddy to life. Not to mention our new festive buddy clothing! 

Treat your style-savvy loved one with our enchanting world class ultrasonic nebulizing diffusers. The world's most advanced ultrasonic cold mist technology diffusers on the market using state of the art technology to provide you with light, mist and fragrance. Our luxury 3 in one vessel can be used as a colouring changing lamp, with 16 led lighting options, a humidifier or an oil diffusing fragrance system!  

We offer a Lifetime warranty with each Scentsy Diffuser, you can be assured our diffusers are designed to last! If there are any problems with the manufacturing and workmanship of the diffuser you are covered by a lifetime warranty!

Our Scentsy diffuser can be used as a fragrance delivery system, humidifier, and a stunning focal point for your home, a relaxation aid or a night light and lamp! There are so many benefits to buying a Scentsy diffuser for you and your home and your family, including protection against dry air.

Each Scentsy Diffuser has 16 LED light options and a range of colour options. Our lighting options offer you a clear mode, candle flicker mode, various colour modes and also colour rotation mode which allows you to slowly rotate through each colour the diffuser has to offer. The colour options make our Scentsy diffusers a truly stunning decorative piece to add to any home or space. 

The Scentsy diffuser is the only diffuser offering interchangeable decorative shades to complement any décor, one shade comes with the diffuser you choose, however in the future if you decide you would like a change without having to re purchase the whole system you can purchase a change of shade from a fraction of the price! 

Each diffuser delivers a consistent fragrance experience.

Our High, low and intermittent diffuser modes give you complete control over the intensity and longevity of your fragrance experience or humidity experience. 

You can customise your own fragrance experience by adding more or less oil to suit how strong you would like your fragrance. If you wish to use your diffuser as a humidifier only without oil, simply fill the reservoir with water and no oil. You get to choose what suits you best to get the best from your Scentsy diffuser and what you wish to diffuse.

Our Cold-mist technology allows you to enjoy Scentsy fragrance & humidity instantly without waiting. Bring a whole new different dimension to your existing space with one of our stunning luxurious Scentsy diffusers. Now that is the perfect gift to give this season! 

An Example of the stunning Enchant Scentsy Diffuser.  The Enchant Home fragrance Scentsy diffuser is Finished in a crackled glass-like effect, Enchant is a perfect piece for the bold at heart. An amazing edition to any home for the ultimate personal fragrance experience. Fragrance technology designed like no other!

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