Explore Electric Candle Warmers By Scentsy

Safe electric candles, a safe alternative to a candle with a wick and flame. If you want the scent experience without the flame, Scentsy electric candle warmers are the perfect choice, plug them into the electric, switch on and enjoy!

Our Electric candle warmers are designed to melt our wick free Scented candle Wax, place cubes of our wax bars into the top dish of your electric candle Warmer for beautiful scent, we offer the very best electric candles!

Our electric candle Warmers are simple, yet stylish, these beautiful electric decorational pieces are an effective wax warming system designed to fragrance your space safely without the need of a wick or flame. Each electric candle warming system is designed to be warmed at low temperatures and are safe around children and pets with no fire risk from a naked flame.