Earn Free & Half Priced Scentsy Products & Gifts

Welcome to Wick Free Scented Candles Scentsy. Here you have the chance to earn Free and half priced Scentsy. Are you a Scentsy fan that loves Scentsy products? Are you new to Scentsy but love nice things for your home? Do you love scented candles and scented gifts? This may be the perfect opportunity for you to earn your own Scentsy products free and half priced! Find out how here.

Scentsy is currently one of the fastest growing direct selling companies worldwide and have took the world by storm offering amazing safe scented ceramic candle warmers, gorgeous smelling scented wax bars and other scented gifts. In addition to warmers and scented wax, Scentsy also sells home fragrance diffusers, natural oils, Scentsy buddies (limited teddies with a zip pocket for a scent pak) bath products, laundry items, and similar scented products. 

Scentsy fragrance is a direct selling company; direct selling is simply doing business person-to-person instead of shopping at a retail location, like a department store. It gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch a business with the support of an experienced, credible company offering products you can believe in and manufactured to the highest standard. Scentsy offer industry leading products loved by our Scentsy fans!

At Scentsy we like to reward our fans and customers by offering amazing rewards for hosting different types of parties to share our products with friends, family and colleagues. Whether you like having friends round or prefer to be on the go we can offer you the chance to earn yourself free and half priced rewards, simply by sharing and showing friends our products. 

Home party option…

This option is great for anyone who loves having friends round for a night in, a great opportunity to view a range of Scentsy products, have a shopping night at home and earn great rewards… simple and easy, the consultant does everything for you, all you have to do is invite as many people to your night in as you like. The consultant brings along the full set of scent testers, and demonstration products which will have your home smelling gorgeous in time for your guest arriving.

Basket party on the go option…

This option is great for anyone on the go that doesn't get time for a night in. your consultant will provide you with a basket of demonstration products, samples brochures and info, all you have to do is take it everywhere you go to show friends, family and colleagues the products and allow them to smell the range of samples.

Pouch party option…

This option is great for any Scentsy fans that would live to show Scentsy products but would prefer not to have to carry a basket with products or if you do not live local to your consultant. Your consultant can provide you with a small pouch of testers and info for you to share with friends, family and colleagues to also earn great rewards. A pouch can be provided locally or also posted to you to share products. 

You really do need to sample Scentsy and smell the fragrances to understand the quality of our products. We have a huge range of different fragrances for you to enjoy. 

Are you a business owner? 

Do you own or manage a hair salon, tanning salon, nail salon, or any business with a reception? 

Do you have a mobile business? 

Would you like to take Scentsy products into your place of work to fragrance your space? 

You can also earn great rewards by simply loaning a demo warmer and products to use in your business or workplace completely free of charge. Your consultant provides everything you need to show off our great products. Scentsy products are safe and easy to use allowing consultants and fans to focus on personalising their world with amazing fragrance.

Free and half priced Host rewards go off sales starting at £245. 

I can personally offer Scentsy parties and basket parties and loan Scentsy products in all north east UK areas, Hartlepool, Teeside, Durham, Sunderland, Seaham, Peterlee, Horden and all other local areas, however I do have a huge team of consultants that would be happy to assist you in any other parts of the UK, Ireland and Scotland. 

I can personally post pouch parties to UK, Scotland and Ireland of you would like to request a pouch party.

If you would like to discuss hosting or loaning Scentsy products please get in touch.  

If you would like to view Scentsy products you can visit my Scentsy shop, my website, my customer group on Facebook or my new Facebook page. 

Feel free to provide your email address at the bottom of the page if you would like to sign up to my newsletter to be the 1st to find out about new products, sales and special offers. 

Did you know…

Most of our newest Scentsy consultants are our fans and customers! They love the products so much they decide to take up the amazing work from home opportunity!

As well as offering great Scentsy rewards, I also personally offer the chance to trial yourself as a consultant risk free without investing in the starter kit! This is a fantastic option for those who are undecided about joining and would like to share products by loaning products, taking a pouch or hosting a party. Could you benefit from working from home? Free up time, spend more time with your children, choose your own hours, and choose your own earning potential. 

This risk free option allows you to use your party to see how much interest you can gather, gain sales and decide from there if you think the opportunity is right for you. We call this option flipping the party option. You can gain sales, if you wish to join you can join and buy the starter kit and enrol as a new consultant and place all of the party sales yourself to earn commission on your first order. If you decide joining is not for you but would like to place the sales I can place the sales for you and you can earn the free and half priced party rewards for earning the sales. With this option you can't lose out! You can either use the sales for your 1st commission or earn free products. The Scentsy work from home business opportunity is too good to miss out on. Why not give it a go? You could find yourself wanting to start your very own Scentsy business and Scentsy adventure simply by sharing our great products.  This is risk free and you are under no obligation to join Scentsy after hosting any type of party.