Crush Diamond Scentsy Warmer

Crush Diamond Scentsy Warmer Wick Free Scented Candles

Crush Diamond Scentsy Warmer offers a stunning silver mirror finish crackled effect. This Scentsy warmer is a show stopper. Our previous crush Scentsy warmers were a huge hit with Scentsy customers, however, silver has been hugely requested. 

Imagine a stunning crushed diamond mirror finish Scentsy warmer in your home to provide that wow factor? Now you can with our Crush Diamond Scentsy Warmer. Check out the amazing mirror finish effect, it truly is stunning!

Crush Diamond Scentsy Warmer is 16cm tall and lit with a 20 watt bulb inside the warmer to offer you scent and light. Pair this electric candle warmer with one of our Scentsy Wick free candle bars, also known as Scentsy bars to provide you with a great safe scent experience. 

Switch on, place one or more cubes of scentsy bar into the top dish of the warmer and enjoy the Wick Free scented candle experience. Scentsy warmer designs just get better and better!  

Crush Diamond Scentsy Warmer Wick Free Scented Candles