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Do you currently buy scented candle jars? Would you love a cheaper safer, longer lasting alternative to scented candles and candle jars? Scentsy wick free handcrafted cermaic warmers are the safer stronger loger lasting alternative to scented candles and candle jars. This is also known as a Scentsy system. 

What is a Scentsy system?

a scentsy system

A scentsy system is NOT a 'CANDLE' or a 'BURNER' 

A scentsy system is a safe wick free ceramic warmer that is designed to gently WARM AND MELT scented wax from a low watt hotplate inside of the warmer to set off a fragrance. The safer, stronger, longer lasting alternative to scented candles & candle jars. These are hand crafted plug in warmers in a huge range of styles and colours to suit any decor with over 80 gorgeous fragrance wax bars to suit anyones taste, ranging from fruity, to cafe fragrances, mens fragrances, flowery fragrances. fresh fragrances, holiday fragrances and even newborn fragrances.

Every Scentsy warmer comes with a 3 year guarantee! 

This sounds great? A new safer alternative to candle jars and burners without the fire risk. Not only are scentsy wick free candle warmers the safer, stronger longer lasting alternative to scented candles and candle jars, you can save in the run long buying scentsy products!

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If you love scented candles and candles jars you will love scentsy wick free candle warmers and our amazing fragrance bars. Theres a huge range of ceramic warmers and over 80 fargrance bars to choose from. Buy in bulk using our scentsy bar mulipack option and save! 

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As well as offering amazing scentsy products from my online store I am always looking for new consultants to join my scentsy team to sell scentsy products by party pla, via fairs/events or to simply sell to friends and family to earn a regular monthly income from home. 

If you are interested in this amazing opportunity fee free to contact me

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