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Scentsy One-day Clearance Sale up to 50% off selected products!

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Get ready for the new year by saving big with our Scentsy one day clearance sale! Starting at 7pm 16th December 2020, a selection of Scentsy products will go on sale on My Personal Website for 24 hours or while supplies last.

Our Scentsy one day clearance sale is including a few items from our Autumn/Winter 2020 Catalogue and our Autumn and Holiday Collections! You wont want to miss this one day clearance sale.

Scentsy one day Sale products will only be available in the Clearance section of my Scentsy website starting 7pm 16th December 2020. These deals will last 24 hours, ending at 6:59pm 17th December and some products may not even last that long! If you wish to shop Scentsy products from our one day clearance sale I would advise you to be online and ready to shop by 7pm on the 16th December. If you already know and love Scentsy you will know just how popular our clearance or flash sales are and how quickly products sell out once they have be hugely discounted. In order to not miss out on the best money off deals and bargains be ready for the beginning of the sale. 

All products are available only while supplies last. Clearance items sell out quickly, so don’t wait to shop!

Due to the sheer volumes of visitors to our Scentsy websites there will be a waiting room and then a queue to enable to to shop efficiently. The waiting room and queue will begin shortly before launch approximately 6.55pm 16th December 2020. Anyone on logging onto my website or already on my website will immediately be placed in the waiting room while we update the sites with the one day sale clearance products ready for purchase, you will be assigned randomly to a position in the queue. Once the sale begins and the Scentsy products are live and available for purchase, the system will display the estimated wait time for anyone remaining in the queue. 

Please be patient if you are placed in the queue, there may be a wait due to the volume of customer trying to get onto my website at once. Stay in the queue and do not refresh as you will loose your place in the queue. Once its your turn in the queue to shop you will be taken through to my website to shop online. 

To find all one day clearance sale products go to the specials tab then to clearance to find those fantastic deals. 

Please note, although the warehouse will try their very best to get your Scentsy clearance one day sale products to you they are not guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas. Please only purchase from the sale if you do not need your products in time for Christmas. We can not guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.  

Find one day clearance Sale Scentsy products here 

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