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Teddy Bear Collecting / Plush soft Toys Brought to Life through Fragrance.

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Start or expand your Scented Teddy collection with Scentsy buddies brought to life with a scent pak to evoke memories. Each soft plush toy is unique and produced in limited quantities making them unique collectibles. Teddy bear collecting is a relatively new thing to do and only really took off as a hobby in the 1980's. Until then Teddy bears were for kids and were a play thing rather than anything of value or for collecting.

There are many reasons why someone may decide to want to start collecting bears or plush toys, some people try to evoke memories of a childhood, many due to a loss of a child or a grandchild, where others like to collect as a hobby. Many collectors start a collection of plush toys or bears to leave grandchildren or a child or family member once they pass as a special keepsake for loved ones to cherish and remember them by. 

For those who are just embarking on their first bear collection, we can offer you some ideas on the various different types of collectible bears and plush toys we offer. Here at Scentsy we offer amazing soft plush toys, known as Scentsy buddies. Each Scentsy buddy is unique and sought after, but unfortunately they are only produced in limited quantities and are only available from the release until supplies last. Once one Scentsy buddy sells out, they are gone for good! Our buddies all come with a choice of scent pak to customise your buddy. 

If you see a buddy you love within my Scentsy shop online don't delay, orders yours while they are still available! 

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Visit my Scentsy shop online to view the range of available buddies at the moment. 

All Scentsy buddies are suitable from birth onwards and make great gifts.

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