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Limited Edition Teddies for collectors

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Affordable limited edition collector's teddies produced in limited quantities and only available while stocks last. For collectors, enthusiasts, and those lucky enough to receive our limited edition Scentsy buddies as a gift, they are a true friend for life. These cute soft teddies are not around for long, when one buddy sells out another is released in its place.  A Scentsy buddy is a unique limited edition teddy with a zip pocket for a scent pak.  Scentsy buddies make great gifts for children, teens, adults and collectors. 

As soon as one Buddy sells out, we will introduce a NEW Scentsy Buddy. Each Buddy comes with a Scent Pak of your choice with the purchase of each Scentsy buddy.  Scent paks can be changed s often or as little as required or if you decide you would like a different fragrance.  Scent paks can be purchased separately. 

To collect Scentsy Buddies is to experience great joy and satisfaction. There is no other collectible that brings so much pleasure to the owner's life, allowing you to create memories from fragrance as well as a friend for life. Each Scentsy Buddy is a unique work of art and are genuine authentic products brought to you by Scentsy fragrance, a global leader in fragrance products and quality gifts. 

Our authentic Scentsy buddies are not to be missed, visit my website to find out what current Scentsy buddies are available… but remember, be quick! As soon as one Scentsy buddy sells out a new one is produced in its place. If you love one of our collector teddies we currently have available grab them while you can! 

Each Scentsy Buddy features a ZIPPERED POUCH to hold your favourite Scent Pak.

• Our Buddies come in different sizes and kid-approved designs, but there's always room for a SCENT PAK.

• Scent Paks are filled with non-toxic fragrance beads so they're safe for kids! Fragrance lasts up to 30 days

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Smiles ahead! All our Buddies deliver the comfort and sensory engagement that come with exclusive Scentsy fragrance - just for kids (and the young at heart!)

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