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Buy Limited edition Scentsy Buddies - Collectable Teddies - Visit my Scentsy shop to find out what cute Scentsy buddies are available. These cuddly, fragrant pals are only available while supplies last - that means a new Buddy to love when one sells out. For kids & adults of all ages! Our most popular Scentsy Buddies can sell out in just a few days, so don't wait! Shop online and buy your favourite Scentsy buddy today!

Features & Benefits: 

Each Scentsy Buddy features a ZIPPERED POUCH to hold your favourite Scent Pak.  Scentsy Buddies are only available for a LIMITED TIME and produced in limited quantities, so they're extra special. When one sells out, a new Buddy takes its place. Our buddies come in different sizes and kid-approved designs, but there's always room for a SCENT PAK.  Fragrance lasts for up to 30 days.

All our Buddies are adorable and so much fun to collect.

Parents love Buddies, too! They're perfect for keeping bedrooms, closets and secret hideouts SMELLING GREAT. Our Scent Paks are available in several bestselling Scentsy fragrances. Try Perfectly Pomegranate, Jammy Time, Sun kissed Citrus or Sweet Pea & Vanilla for a scent kids AND adults will love. 


These adorable Scentsy buddies are not only great to collect, the also make great special gifts for birthdays, baby showers and many different occasions. (Tuck one inside an Easter basket or under the Christmas tree!)

All our Buddies deliver the comfort and sensory engagement that come with exclusive Scentsy fragrances, pic a fragrance for your Scentsy buddy to help make and evoke memories for your child… or even for you!  Do you have an amazing memory as a child? Fill your Scentsy buddy with our gorgeous newborn nursery Scentsy fragrance scent pack to help you evoke memories.  I like to fill my Scentsy buddy full of French lavender to remind me of a child when I went to my grans house, my gran loved lavender, every time I smell that fragrance it reminds me of great memories. 

Our kids love to collect! Collectability was one of the top 10 trends among new toys in 2016! How many different types of buddies and fragrances would you love to collect for your child to make memories? A memory that will last a lifetime they can cherish forever. 

shop scentsy here online my scentsy store

You can buy online from my authentic Scentsy shop and have any buddy sent direct to your home. Please remember if there is a buddy in my shop you love, please ensure you grab it while you can as these do not stay around long, some can sell out within days! Scentsy buddies are very sought after, once on is gone a new release is produced in its place… also limited edition and produced in limited quantities. 


We have girlie style cute Scentsy buddies, buddies the boys will love and also Scentsy buddies that are selected as our charity cause products, with our Scentsy buddy cause products we make a donation to our selected charity from every one of those Scentsy buddies sold. By purchasing one of our Scentsy buddy cause products, not only are you buying a great authentic Scentsy buddy you are also helping raise valuable funds for our selected charity.  

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