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The original wickless candle. Shop amazing wickless candle Fragrances. Scent your home with our stunning Scentsy wax bars. Fragrance is about so much more than filling our homes and lives with pleasant aromas. It truly fills our hearts! We love it because it triggers one of our most powerful senses to recall forgotten memories and relive our sweetest emotions. With over 80 current fragrances, Scentsy Bars allow you to combine multiple fragrances to create your own blend, or increase the fragrance intensity by adding more cubes. And they are a great value when compared to jarred candles of like quality.

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“Fragrance connects us to our

emotions, to our

memories and to

each other.”

— Heidi

accord bundle scentsy

Features & BENEFITS:

• Crafted EXCLUSIVELY by Scentsy in the U.S.

• Designed by AWARD-WINNING PERFUMERS and fragrance esigners.


• Multiple FRAGRANCE CATEGORIES, including scents for kids.

• Plenty of variety to SUIT EVERY MOOD, SPACE AND TASTE.


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