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Shop Scentsy In Hartlepool or Book a Scentsy Home or Basket party. Do you love Candles? Home fragrance? Scented products? Nice things for your home? Looking for the perfect gift someone?  Scentsy offer industry leading products, Scentsy Candle Warmers, scented wax bars, Diffusers, fragrance oils, Scentsy buddies (teddies brought to life with a scent pak), children's scented products & other scented gifts. Choose from a great selection of authentic Scentsy products from brand you can trust.

scent and style warmer systems

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hosting a party with scentsy is easy

Book and host a Scentsy party - WHY PARTIES?

Scentsy products are begging to be experienced! And there's just no better way to share fragrance love than in person - at home, at your favourite coffee shop, in the breakroom. We have some great rewards for anyone that would like to host any type of Scentsy party, whether it's a home party or basket party you as the host can earn your own Scentsy products free and half priced, There's no better way to get your own Scentsy products for less.  Please message me for further information or to book a Scentsy party. 

Each season, we work hard to create entirely new fragrances and signature home décor to align with up-and-coming trends. But our No. 1 goal will always be to deliver products our Consultants and fans will love: Innovative NEW SENSORY EXPERIENCES you can customise as you please, Stunning, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN designs & Captivating NEW FRAGRANCES 

If you would like to book a scentsy party or find out more please contact me.

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