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Sample Scentsy – View Scentsy products – Try before you buy! Scentsy UK

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Sample Scentsy - View Scentsy products - Try before you buy! Scentsy UK

Our beautiful fragrance products must be experienced. That's why we offer you the chance to sample Scentsy and try before you buy. View a range of demo products, sample whole range of gorgeous scents and discover what's new, take your friends and family on a sensory retreat and earn host rewards to purchase the products you love.

For your chance to sample Scentsy, view products and smell the great range of fragrances and receive demonstrations on how our products work you can host a Scentsy party or basket party. If that's not enough as well as the chance to sample great products we also offer amazing host rewards… 

Earn free Scentsy product credit and half priced items; be rewarded with your favourite Scentsy products free and half priced!


Get up to four Scentsy products at

50% OFF*

Earn FREE PRODUCTS equal to 10 to 15% of your party's sales.

Get an additional HALF-PRICE product when any of your guests hosts a party and you attend.

Contact me to book your party today!

party wick free scented candles scentsy

What's your party style?

I'll take care of the details. Just pick a party experience, make a guest list and we're on our way!

Invite friends over for a fun night in or take the party with you in a convenient basket party. Contact me for more information or to discuss yur options.

scentsy basket party wick free scented candles

We offer Scentsy parties in the UK, Ireland and Scotland. We have a great team of Scentsy consultants happy to help and offer you the chance to sample our amazing scented products.


Does this type of job sound appealing to you? We would love for more new consultants to join us to share their passion with our products. A great opportunity to earn extra money working from home while doing something you love while offering great products you believe in. 

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