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Order Your Scentsy In Time For Christmas.

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We know Scentsy is on everyone’s Christmas list, so make sure you get all your Scentsy gifts under the tree on time! If you want to receive an order by Christmas, please order by 15 December 2016 for credit/debit card and online payments in UK, Scotland & Ireland. 

All dates reflect the calendar day in that area.  

If you order by the above deadlines, we can guarantee your order will leave our distribution centres in time to make it to you in time for Christmas. We set these dates based on typical delivery times reported to us by postal carriers. Scentsy can’t be responsible for weather, carrier issues or other delays beyond our control. 

As always, we will continue to ship any orders placed after the Christmas deadline, but we cannot guarantee these orders will be shipped in time for Christmas. 

Ordering early is always your best bet, but these dates should help you plan the rest of your Christmas shopping season.

As always all orders are greatly appreciated. We have a huge selection of winter and Christmas fragrances for you to enjoy over the festive season and througout the year. Whther you looking to buy a gift in time for Christmas or looking to purchase Scentsy for yourself, you can be assured our distribution centre will deal with your Scentsy order as quickly and efficiently as always. 

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