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Scentsy Diffusers - Our Scentsy diffusers are a stunning, safe, air purifying natural home fragrance system with customisable mist, scent and lighting options and are designed like no other. All Scentsy diffusers come with a warranty against defects in material andworkmanship. We now also offer replacement shades if you wish to change the whole look of your diffiser without having to buy a whole new diffuser system.

There are many reasons why customers choose our Scentsy diffusers to fragrance their space... 

They Are Stunning!

As soon as the misty plume of microscopic mist and fragrance starts, they are breath taking. The stunning, hand crafted Scentsy diffuser shades create an opulent and elegant feel to any home decor, and that's before the light feature comes into play! Numerous customers have remarked at home parties and events that they were sold on their Scentsy Diffuser purely from the graceful design.

Safe, Natural Home Fragrance:

The Scentsy Diffuser is the most advanced diffuser on the market. The Scentsy Diffuser is an ultrasonic nebulising diffuser. Essentially, a small ceramic disk in the water reservoir - called a nebuliser - vibrates at high frequencies to break the water and oil down into fine microscopic particles that are dispersed into the air.

The capability to control exactly what is creating the fragrance the spaces you and your family spend your time in can be paramount for many Scentsy customers, the Scentsy Diffuser allows customers to have the fragrance experience Scentsy are renowned for and complete peace of mind at the same time.

Simply add cold tap water to the reservoir fill line (about 120 mL). Then add your desired Essential Oil or Natural Oil.  (We recommend starting with 4-5 drops of oil to start and adding more or less to suit your personal preferences and the size of your space).

The mist is cool (thanks to the cold mist technology and lack of heating element), and the diffuser shuts off when the water reservoir is empty, or if you have overfilled the reservoir; meaning that you are virtually bullet proof when it comes to the correct usage of your diffuser!

Value For Money:

Scentsy diffusers come with a warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product! This means that your first diffuser purchase can literally be your last if you desire. You can relax knowing that the investment that you have made in a world class product will stand the test of time.

Should you ever have an issue with your Scentsy diffuser; for example it is found to be defective or damaged under normal use and care- your diffuser will be replaced with the same, or comparable, product (at Scentsy's discretion). Scentsy's lifetime diffuser warranty is undoubtedly the most generous warranty on the market. In fact Scentsy Home Office encourages you to research and compare!

It is also important to note that if you have your own preference of existing aromatherapy oil products you are able to use these essential oils in your Scentsy Diffuser and maintain the warranty! Though Scentsy Oils have been specifically formulated for an optimal fragrance experience, using other companies' oils will not harm the Scentsy Diffuser or void the warranty. You can use any type of home fragrance oil in your diffuser allowing you to stick to a favourite personal fragrance if you choose to.

Air Purifying:

Scentsy diffusers aren't only creating sensational fragrance with that stunning cool mist. When the microscopic particles of water and oil disperse into the air via that mist they also serve another purpose. The teeny tiny particles bind to the dust molecules, pollen and even airborne bacteria and draw them down to the ground where we are less likely to breathe them in. Who wouldn't want to combine home fragrance with the ability to purify and essentially deodorise the air we breathe in? 


Just when you thought that micro mist that a Scentsy Diffuser produces along with your fragrance experience couldn't sound any better… Did you know that the micro mist is also creating a whole bunch of extra negative ions in your environment? And before you wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing:

Have you ever noticed that you feel more refreshed near the ocean, a waterfall or even taking a shower? That sensation comes down to the fact that these areas have a higher concentration of negative ions to positive ones. Negative ions = positive feeling.If you are interested in the science behind this effect: The force or energy of falling or splashing water causes splitting of neutral particles of air, freeing electrons which attach to other air molecules causing a negative charge. Negative ions are known to improve well-being as the negative ions communicate with serotonin in the brain… Resulting in relieving stress, anxiety, headache, and fatigue.

Customisable Scent Experience:

The amount of control you have over your custom fragrance experience combining your Scentsy Diffuser with your choice of Essential or Natural Oils can be quite exciting.  Firstly, because the diffuser uses cold-mist technology, the fragrance character remains consistent throughout the fragrance experience. Secondly, the diffuser offers high, low and intermittent diffuser modes, giving you more control over the intensity and longevity of your fragrance experience. Thirdly, you can customise your fragrance experience by adding more or less oil, or combining oils. 

Customisable Light Experience:

Your Scentsy Diffuser offers 16 different light settings, allowing you to change your lighting to complement your décor or mood. You can choose a favourite colour to stick to, rotate through them all, chose a light flicker or high flicker, the choice is yours. You can also turn the light off completely whilst the mist is in operation if you prefer, The lighting options can be used in rooms as a night light of your favourite colour.

The light and the mist work independently from each other which make your Scentsy Diffuser a perfect night light. Even when the diffuser uses all the water and automatically shuts off- the reassuring light remains.

The Scentsy Diffuser uses the world's most advanced ultrasonic nebuliser to disperse fragrance, offers a limited lifetime warranty, looks amazing and features 16 LED light options. The most features, the most advanced technology and the most attractive diffusers on the market - the choice is easy!

Choose a range of stunning shades:

Scentsy Diffusers have interchangeable looks. The base of the diffuser is the same throughout but you can buy separate diffuser shades. You can now buy one of our diffuser shades separately without having to purchase the whole diffuser system again!

Visit my Scentsy shop to find out which Scentsy diffusers and shades are available.

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