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UK Scented Candles - Fragrance Candles - Scented Candle Wax - Scentsy wickless candles are highly fragrant wax candle bars designed to hold more fragrance than a traditional candle to give off the ultimate candle wax experience. With over 80 amazing fragrances to choose from you sure to find a Scented Candle Wax Fragrance you will love. 

Mens fragrances - Kids fragrances - Fruity fragrances - Flowery fragrances - fresh fragrances - cafe fragrances - classic fragrances - romantic fragrances - baby fragrances - theres so many to choose from! Check out the full range of amazing candle wax fragrance bars. Our fragrance bars are designed to be gently warmed and melted in our candle warmers without using a wick or flame. Wickless candle fragrance bars are safe to be used around children and pets. The new innvation in home fragrance.

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Break off one or 2 cubes of our fragrance candle bar and place into the top dish of your cancle warmer to be gently wared and melted to give off a fab fragrance.

If your are looking for a fragrance with a particular ingredient simply type in the fragrance in the search bar of my online Scentsy shop. 


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