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Buy Scentsy Fragrance Bars Online - Shop Scentsy Now - Scentsy bars UK, Scotland, Ireland.

Buy Scentsy fragrance bars Online. Shop Scentsy Now. Buy Single Scentsy bars, Buy 3 packs of Scents bars or 6 packs of Scentsy bars. Save on Scentsy bars by buying in bulk. There are over 80 amazing scented Scentsy bar fragrances to choose from.  Scentsy bars have 8 cubes in a bar, place one or 2 cubes of Scentsy bar into your Scentsy warmer to set off an amazing Scentsy fragrance.

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Scentsy offer a range of amazing fragrance bars to suit everyone, we have romantic Scentsy bars, men's fragrance Scentsy bars, children's fragrance Scentsy bars,  summer fragrance Scentsy bars, winter fragrance Scentsy bars, café fragrance Scentsy bars, classic fragrance Scentsy bars, spa fragrance Scentsy bars.

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Buying Scentsy bars can be a difficult decision as we offer so many amazing Scentsy bar fragrances to choose from. To help you buy Scentsy bars from My Online Shop I have listed a huge range of customer favourite Scentsy bar fragrances to help you choose. 

Customer favourite Scentsy bars fresh or clean fragrances… 

Newborn Nursery fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Clean Breeze fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Pima Cotton fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Coconut Cotton fragrance Scentsy bar.

Customer favourite Scentsy bars fruity fragrances… 

Cherry Vanilla fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Very Merry Cranberry fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Simply Black Cherry fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Sunkissed Citrus fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Black Raspberry & Vanilla fragrance Scentsy bar.

Customer favourite Scentsy bars cafe fragrances… 

Vanilla Bean buttercream fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Blueberry cheesecake fragrance Scentsy bar.

Quite often I get asked which Scentsy fragrances are mild and which Scentsy fragrances are strong. Below are a couple of recommendations for mild smelling fragrances and strong smelling fragrances to help you. Please bare in mind with over 80 Scentsy bar fragrances to choose from I have only listed a hand full to help you on your way. 

Customer favourite Scentsy bars strong smelling fragrances…  

Coconut Lemongrass fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Newborn Nursery fragrance Scentsy bar, 

Duchess fragrance Scentsy bar

Blueberry Cheesecake fragrance Scentsy bar

Jumping Jelly Bean fragrance Scentsy bar

Spiced Berries fragrance Scentsy bar

Customer favourite Scentsy bars mild smelling fragrances…  

French Lavender fragrance Scentsy bar

Shimmer fragrance Scentsy bar

Luna fragrance Scentsy bar


*Tip for buying Buy Scentsy Fragrance Bars...

To take advantage of the Scentsy bar 3 pack offer or the Scensty bar 6 pack offer you must head over to My Online Scentsy Shop and go to 'Combine & Save' under the Specials Section. Choose and 3 pack of Scentsy bars or a 6 pack of Scentsy bars before adding you Scents bar fragrance choices to your basket. By using the Combine & Save option before choosing your discount will be applied. 

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Here's a couple more reviews from customers to help you choose...

scentsy bar reviews


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