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Come Back To Scentsy for FREE! Reactivate Your Scentsy Account - Re Join Scentsy. Start selling Scentsy again If you were recently cancelled/went inactive or used to sell Scentsy previously, you can come back to Scentsy, absolutely FREE. That's right, you can reactivate (restore) your Scensty account. Did you love being an Independent Scentsy Family Consultant, but the time just wasnt right for you? Have your personal circumstances changed? Did you wish you could’ve had more support in order to be successful with your Scentsy business?  Do you wish you were still selling Scentsy?  If so, you are in luck!  Scentsy wants you back as an Independent Consultant, and I would love to help you come back with Scentsy Family for FREE!

That’s right, you can reactivate (restore) your consultant status without any cost, and it is really easy to do. Contact consultant support and let them know you would like to re join. You can re join with me and i will help support and mentor you to make sure you become the best you can be second time round. 

Please contact me to help you re-activate your Scentsy consultant account today. its so simple and easy to do dont miss out! 


Sometimes the timing just isn’t right, or circumstances in our life can get in the way of a dream or a business venture.  Scentsy has expanded to new markets like Australia, Mexico, Poland, Austria, Spain, and France, so  there are more opportunities for you to grow your own team internationally, this is a great time to come back! We als now have some more amazing product lines too!

I'm happy to help and support you along the way and welcome you to our team of consultants. Please dont delay if you wish to get your Scentsy business re started! Contact me 

If you are new to Scentsy but have been wondering about the many benefits of having your own Scentsy business, I’d love to spend some time with you, answering your questions and helping you discover whether or not Scentsy is right for you.  Sometimes it is about timing in our lives.  Sometimes it is about the passion of loving what we do, the products and the people we meet.

If you would like more information, please e-mail or call me.  I would love to have you join my team.

If you know you are ready to join now You can join my team here. 

*When asked for a tax id, please state your National insurance number or passport number. 


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