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Would you love to know to get your own scentsy wickless candle warmers and scented products free?

Do you love scentsy wick free candle warmers, our scented products or our world class ultraonic cold mist oil diffusers?

Would you love the chance to earn your own wick free candle warmers, scented products or oil diffusers free and half priced?

Now you can. Its never been easier to earn your own Scentsy products free and half priced. Scentsy offer amazing rewards for anyone who would like the chance to earn free scentsy product credit and half priced items!

If you want free Scentsy host any type of Scentsy party! Earn your own Scentsy wick free candle warmers, scented products free and half priced!

Browse my wesbite to find out about diferent party options. 

scentsy party wick free scented candles

You can host a home party at your home. You the host earns the rewards. You scentsy consultant will come to your hoe and demostarte a range of products to you and your guests for you all to try and smell and see demonstratons of a variety of products.

You can loan a basket of Scentsy products to share products with friends and family if you on the go alot, simply share products with friends and family collect orders and reap the rewards!

Do you love Facebook and social networking? You can even reap the scensty rewards by hosting an online scentsy party on Facebook from the comfort of your own home in your pj's! 

host a party earn free scentsy

Rewards go of £ sales sold at the party of your choice. You choose your own rewards from the brochure to spend your free product credit and half priced items. 

The perks of hosting a party are too good to miss!

scentsy party

Contact me by email to discuss your party options

(please provide a valid telephone nuber and postcode when contacting me using the contact form)  


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